Participle clauses reason, result, condition, time, sequence

Transform the sentences into Past Particle constructions

1. Because I am familiar with the topic I missed the lesson. –

2. Because Vasya is a student he may get some discount for his travel fare. -

3. There were a lot of protestors. As a result, many cars couldn’t move. –

4. We went camping to the mountains. Then as a result of heavy rain we were trapped in there. -

5. If you give us enough time and resources, we will do it on time. –

6. If you give these plants enough water and sun light, they will grow to a meter. -

7. As I open the book I found an old photo. –

8. As I entered the room, I saw her. -

9. After I had paid for the tickets, I walked into the exhibition room. –

10. After we had paid for the parcel, we received it at the post office. -


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