Non-defining relative clauses. Ответы

Complete the sentences with whose, who, which, or where

1. Kiev, which is the capital of Ukraine, is my favorite city.

2. Vasya's mum, who is a journalist, has lost her car keys.

3. Katya, whose mother is from Russia, speaks English and French fluently.

4. My sister, who lives in Moscow now, came to see me last week.

5. This mobile phone, which I bought last month, has really good buttons.

6. The church, where we went yesterday, is very old.

7. Ferraris, which are produced in Italy, are quite expensive.

8. Russell Crowe, who starred in Next Three Days, was born in New Zealand.

9. The glasses, which I bought yesterday, are really cool and comfortable.

10. Valentina Vasilyevna, who teaches maths, is going to retire next year.


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