Relative clauses (Придаточные предложения). Ответы

1. Обведите правильные варианты.

1. Houses and apartments are places where / who people live.

2. Horseback riding is an activity where / which is done outside.

3. A musician is someone who / which plays music professionally.

4. The park is a place where / which I walk my dog.

5. An artist is someone which / who paints pictures.

6. Hiking is something where / that I love to do.

7. My street is a place which / where I like to relax.

8. My dad is a person who / which enjoys reading books.

2. Напишите предложения, используя придаточные предложения (relative clauses).

1. Elephant Run is a sport. It is played in Zaululu. _____________________________________

2. Roger Federer is a tennis player. He has won many championships. _____________________________________

3. A football field is a place. You play football here. _____________________________________

3. Выберете правильное относительное местоимение. Обведите a или b.

1. Schools are places _____ children study.
a. where. b. which

2. My mom is someone _____ loves cooking.
a. which b. who

3. Volleyball is a sport _____ is very exciting.
a. that b. who

4. An actor is person _____ acts professionally.
a. who b. which

5. Football is a sport _____ I enjoy playing.
a. where. b. which

6. My bedroom is a place _____ I like to read.
a. that b. where

7. A teacher is a person _____ teaches.
a. who b. which

8. The gym is the place _____ we play sports.
a. where. b. which

4. Соедините два предложения в одно.

1. Ruslan was a famous footballer. He played for Ukraine. _____________________________________

2. Tennis is a racket sport. It was first played in France. _____________________________________

3. A movie theater is a place. You can watch movies there. _____________________________________

5. Заполните правила на основании предложений, приведенных ниже.

a. Tennis is a sport that is popular all over the world.
b. A football player is someone who plays football.
c. A tennis court is a place where people play tennis.

We use who for people.
(1) ____________________________________
We use which / that for things.
(2) ____________________________________
We use where for places.
(3) ____________________________________

6. Напишите предложение с which / that, where, или who.

1. Vera / someone / works in my dad’s law firm - Vera is someone who works in my dad's law firm.

2. Mom / the person / looks after us _____________________________________

3. The gym / place / I do exercise _____________________________________

4. The coffee shop / place / I see my friends _____________________________________

5. Football / a sport / is popular worldwide _____________________________________

6. Heavy metal / music / is very loud _____________________________________

7. Обведите правильные относительные местоимения.

1. Marina Pelyova is someone who / which is very focused on her studies.

2. That’s the baseball stadium which / where I train twice a week.

3. Discipline is something who / that is very important in ballet.

4. I want to go back to the house where / which I grew up.

5. Ed Peterson is the singer who / were performed at Madison Square Garden last week.


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