Defining relative clauses

Fill in the gaps with the correct relative pronoun

1. A motel is a place __ people stay when they're travelling somewhereon holiday.

2. What's the name of the man __ lives in that flat?

3. What's the word we use to call someone __ writes poems?

4. A barman is a person __ job is to serve customers in a bar.

5. Is that the shop __ you bought your new tie?

6. He's the man __ son plays football for Dynamo Kyiv.

7. Vasya didn't get the job __ he applied for.

8. That is the woman __ helped me when I fell down.

9. This is the library __ we first met. Don't you remember?

10. I'm looking for a person __ surname begins with the letter 'Z'.


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