Тест для определения уровня английского языка

Хотя данное тестирование не является исчерпывающим и не дает полную объективную оценку степени владения Вами иностранным языком, оно, тем не менее, поможет вам и вашему преподавателю получить общее представление о вашем уровне грамматики и лексики.

И, само собой, сделать тест нужно самостоятельно (т.е. без чьей-либо помощи, руководства и использования каких-либо вспомогательных материалов). Вам удачи!

1. Is he from Ukraine? - Yes, he __.

a) isn’t
b) are
c) is it
d) is

2. Sveta __ here.

a) work
b) working
c) works
d) doesn’t works

3. Kirill __ at the moment.

a) is studying
b) studies
c) studys
d) is study

4. Vasya __ a car.

a) have
b) haves
c) have got
d) has

5. Do you drink coffee? - No, I __.

a) not
b) ’m not
c) don’t
d) doesn’t

6. Did you sleep well? - No, I __.

a) didn’t
b) wasn’t
c) hadn’t
d) weren’t

7. __ does Katya work? - In a restaurant.

a) Why
b) Where
c) What
d) When

8. __ car is it? - It’s mine.

a) Which
b) What
c) Whom
d) Whose

9. How __ does Misha study English?

a) often
b) every
c) usually
d) time

10. __ does it cost?

a) How many
b) How much
c) What price
d) Which much

11. Are there __ books left?

a) got
b) have
c) a
d) any

12. There __ milk in the fridge.

a) is a lot
b) are some
c) is any
d) is some

13. Sorry, I __ a meeting at four in the afternoon.

a) will have
b) am having
c) will having
d) am have

14. Look. It’s raining. - Oh, really? Not again. OK, I __ my umbrella.

a) will
b) am having
c) will having
d) will take

15. Tanya __ home when I came.

a) isn’t
b) wasn’t
c) weren’t
d) didn’t

16. Where __ you yesterday?

a) was
b) did be
c) were
d) are

17. Klava __ a new mobile phone last week.

a) has bought
b) buy
c) had bought
d) bought

18. __ to Crimea last summer?

a) Were they travel
b) Did they travel
c) Have they travel
d) Did they traveled

19. When __ she arrive? - At around eight.

a) did
b) time
c) was
d) had

20. We __ our house five years ago.

a) selled
b) had selled
c) sold
d) sald

21. How __ time does it take you to get to the office?

a) many
b) long
c) any
d) much

22. __ a minute? I want to have a quick word with you.

a) Have you
b) Have you got
c) Do you
d) Have you gotten

23. It’s colder today __ yesterday.

a) as
b) than
c) more
d) much

24. He is __ me.

a) more bigger than
b) much bigger than
c) more big as
d) much bigger as

25. She likes going home __ foot.

a) using
b) to
c) on
d) by

26. Do they go to work __ car?

a) with
b) to
c) on
d) by

27. __ on anything at the moment?

a) Do you work
b) Are you working
c) Are you work
d) Do you working

28. More and more people __ 3G phones.

a) are used
b) have been being used
c) use
d) are using

29. She __ the letter yet.

a) didn’t sent
b) don’t send
c) hasn’t sent
d) is sending

30. __ Odessa?

a) Have you ever been to
b) Have you ever been in
c) Did you ever be in
d) Were you ever to

31. I __ a mistake in this report.

a) done
b) made
c) did
d) allowed

32. She __ her homework today.

a) has done
b) has made
c) made
d) had done

33. Just a moment. I’ll __ you through to the manager.

a) put
b) connect
c) link
d) network

34. Hello. How can I help you? - Hello. __ Vasya.

a) My parents called me
b) I am
c) Yes, you can. And I
d) This is

35. Would you like to __ a message?

a) speak
b) dictate
c) tell
d) leave

36. He __ at the moment.

a) isn’t available
b) has left the company
c) will come later
d) be in toilet

37. What’s she like? - She __

a) has got long hair and blue eyes.
b) likes chocolate and nuts.
c) would like tea and a sandwich.
d) ’s a nice woman.

38. What does he like? - He __

a) would prefer to have pizza and tomato juice.
b) is tall and well-fit.
c) enjoys football and films.
d) ’s a good person.

39. How have you been? - __

a) I went to Paris.
b) Not bad. And you?
c) I have been working from yesterday.
d) Good to see you too.

40. What are you up to? - __

a) Not much. Just this project really.
b) I am up to this dead line work?
c) Thank you. And you?
d) No, thanks. I can will do it myself.

41. Who __ their work first?

a) did completed
b) did complete
c) completed
d) was completed

42. What __?

a) did you happen
b) have you happen
c) did happen
d) has happened

43. I’ll __ with this issue straight away.

a) deal
b) tackle
c) work out
d) manage

44. Have you __ yet?

a) sorted it off
b) sorted it away
c) sorted it out
d) sorted it up

45. It’s the __ borsch I have ever eaten. Thank you!

a) delicious than
b) more delicious
c) deliciousest
d) most delicious

46. I always say, “__”.

a) as more you practise, so better you become
b) the more you practise, the better you become
c) then more you practise, then better you become
d) as more you practise as better you become

47. I’ll have my car __ tomorrow.

a) to be repaired
b) repaired
c) so that it will be repaired
d) then be repaired

48. I’ll __ this letter by tomorrow morning.

a) have sent
b) send
c) have been sent
d) be being sent

49. The sales have remained __ this year.

a) stable
b) increasingly
c) same
d) steadily

50. The profit grew up __ 20% last year.

a) to
b) on
c) in
d) by

51. She wants to __ the refund for her purchased goods.

a) claim
b) tackle
c) take
d) book

52. We need to __ the products.

a) return back
b) recall
c) send back
d) callout

53. 1,000 people __ in the last two years.

a) were been made redundant
b) have laid off
c) were being laid off
d) have been made redundant

54. He decided to __ .

a) gave in his notice
b) resign
c) fire
d) will quit

55. It took one year! What a complete __ of time.

a) waste
b) spent
c) spare
d) burning out

56. We have a __ of products.

a) broad difference
b) deep scale
c) long assortment
d) wide range

57. Nastya __ me she was happy there.

a) said
b) told
c) spoke
d) asked

58. Vanya asked me __ I would come.

a) what
b) which
c) -
d) if

59. We __ the deadline if we worked harder.

a) met
b) will meet
c) would meet
d) would have met

60. I __ it differently if I had known how complicated it would be.

a) had done
b) will do
c) would do
d) would have done

61. Do you usually __ the Internet?

a) surf
b) walk through
c) browse
d) look around

62. Can you __ the back panel, please?

a) place tight
b) glue up
c) fit in
d) crew upon

63. Excuse me, I didn’t __ that. What did you say?

a) heard
b) listen
c) catch
d) miss

64. Would you mind __ , please?

a) not to speaking on the phone here
b) not speaking on the phone here
c) don’t speak on the phone here
d) if don’t speaking on the phone here

65. Why does she always avoid __ our questions?

a) to answering
b) to answer
c) answering
d) answer

66. You __ be happy to get such a present.

a) can
b) are
c) must
d) ought

67. I think, I __ my glasses at work, but I am not sure.

a) might have left
b) have left
c) must have left
d) ought to left

68. I will I agree with you, but only up to a __.

a) extent
b) position
c) degree
d) point

69. To what __ do you agree with me?

a) extent
b) position
c) degree
d) point

70. __ I thought everyone watched it.

a) Hasn’t you seen?
b) Haven’t you seen it?
c) Didn’t you see?
d) Hadn’t you seen?

71. I am late. __

a) Am I?
b) Amn’t I?
c) Aren’t I?
d) Don’t I?

72. Now, let’s move __ to the next point of my talk.

a) -
b) up
c) forward
d) on

73. Let’s get __ to business.

a) through
b) up
c) down
d) for

74. I’m sorry to interrupt you, but can I just __ ?

a) say a word in edge-ways
b) say a quick word abruptly
c) say a word around the bush
d) say to a brick wall

75. Be attentive - keep __ .

a) ears to the opponent
b) your eyes on the ball
c) your eyes on the goal
d) your ears on the referee

76. Tell me what’s bothering you, what’s __.

a) your thoughts are on up with
b) at the top of your head
c) in your brain
d) on your mind

77. I would like to sum __ what we’ve talked about.

a) everything
b) up
c) with
d) down

78. I __ from you soon.

a) look forward to hear
b) looking forwards to hearing
c) am looking forward to hearing
d) look forwards for hearing

79. Don’t __ to contact me again.

a) hesitate
b) worry
c) afraid
d) a wonderful opportunity

80. __ you have any questions, please, contact me again.

a) right away
b) then
c) do
d) should

81. I __ if you could do me a favor.

a) was appreciated
b) was wondering
c) was to be grateful
d) was thanking

82. I think it’s __ of plastic and metal.

a) build
b) made
c) smell
d) sort

83. I’d __ with my work now.

a) get up soon
b) continue on
c) go up in
d) better get on

84. I’m sorry for the __ in answering to your dressage.

a) delay
b) hold up
c) late
d) wait

85. Sorry for __ to the meeting.

a) being late
b) delaying
c) come later
d) being after you

86. I suggested __ this question later.

a) discussing
b) to discuss
c) that discuss
d) we discussing

87. They allowed __ to the party.

a) us coming
b) us to coming
c) us to come
d) we come

88. We need to hurry, we are __ .

a) falling behind the schedule
b) delay from schedule
c) late to schedule
d) coming short to the schedule

89. Do you have any __ to it? If not, then, we have a plan.

a) disagreement
b) obstacles
c) barriers
d) objections

90. __ no see. How are you?

a) Long period
b) Long wait
c) Long years
d) Long time

91. Oh, no. I think I __ my weight.

a) added to
b) put on
c) increased up
d) developed

92. Do you mean we’ve fallen __ of projections this time again?

a) slow
b) decrease
c) short
d) rapidly

93. Can I __ on you? I really need this.

a) sit
b) believe
c) trust
d) count

94. You know, I __ with this now. I quit.

a) have had enough
b) am fed up
c) too much
d) fruitful

95. I’ve got a __ to pick with you.

a) tooth
b) stick
c) bone
d) brick

96. He is very much __ of the month in here.

a) flavor
b) salt
c) taste
d) aroma

97. They __ from the very beginning. I am happy for them.

a) blew off the success
b) launched the sky hard
c) plunged with deep water
d) hit the ground running

98. I can’t be promoted because of the __.

a) concrete black
b) glass ceiling
c) wooden walls
d) sharp swards

99. It really gets my __. Can you switch it off?

a) goat
b) back
c) dog
d) neck

100. I think they manage the company by the __.

a) pillows on their beds
b) spoons in the plates
c) beards on their faces
d) seats of their pants

Разработано и составлено . При копировании материала, пожалуйста, сохраняйте ссылку на источник. Спасибо)

Оставьте свое мнение по данному тесту. Возможно вы не согласны с результатами или, наоборот, были приятно удивлены.

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