Фразовые глаголы Phrasal verbs

Материал для изучения
Phrasal Verbs Перевод Example
Break Down сломаться My car broke down
Bring up упомянуть She brought up that matter again
Back down отступать We never back down
Beat up бить I got beat up
Blow up взорваться They tried to blow up the station
Bump into столкнуться I bump into my wife at the park
Call off отменить They call off that meeting
Come across встретить I was cleaning and I came across my journal
Clean out чистить I was cleaning out the closet
Carry on продолжить Sorry, carry on talking!
Drop out бросить They dropped out of college
Drop by навестить We just dropped by her house
Find out обнаружить I found out that she was pregnant
Get out уйти You need to get out of here
Give away отдать They are giving away tickets
End up в конечном итоге прийти I ended up in another school
Get by обходиться I have some money to get by
Get over справиться Dave has got over the flu
Get along ладить We get along really well
Get away убежать I got away with murder
Get rid of избавиться I need to get rid of her
Go over пересмотреть I went over the material
Grow up расти You are 21, Grow up
Give up бросить They just gave up
Go out встречаться Do you want to go out with me?
Hang out проводить время I am hanging out with my friends
Hurry up поспешить We are late, hurry up
Make out целоваться They were making out outside the office
Made up выдумать She made that up to save herself
Mess up напортачить You are messing things up
Show up появиться Alex didn’t show up
Pass out потерять сознание She passed out in front of me
Piss off разозлиться I am really pissed off
Put off отложить на потом We put off the meetin until Friday
Put up with претерпевать I won’t put up with my sisters 
Put on надеть I put on a sweater
Put out потушить The firefighters put out the fire
Run into встретить I ran into my teacher last week
Run out закончится We are running out of gas
Take off снять I took off my jacket 
Turn down отклонить He was turned down twice
Watch out будь осторожен You better watch out
Work out найти решение We will work something out
Wake up проснуться I woke up at 9