Фразовые глаголы (Page 2)Phrasal verbs

26 таблиц с распространенными фразовыми глаголами английского языка с переводом и примерами.

be  call  carry  cut  go  draw  fal  get  give  do   run  hold  see  keep  make   look  pay  put  pass  pull  work  stand  take  set  wear  turn

Фразовый глагол "be"

Фразовый глагол



be up

быть на ногах, вставать с постели, не спать

She was up early.

be up to

быть зависимым от

The age of a horse is up to thirty years.

The decision is up to you.

be up with

происходить, случаться

What is up with you?

be after


He’s after Yana’s job.

The police were after the thief.

be against

быть против, отрицать

That is against the rules.

be at

быть в состоянии нападения на кого-то, ругать

She's always at the children for one thing or another.

be away

быть далеко, отсутствовать

He was away before sunrise.

be back

вернуться в моду

So you are back.

Long skirts will be back next year.

be down with

слечь с болезнью

Yana was down with bad cold last week.

be for

быть за что-то / кого-то, поддерживать

We are for mutual understanding.

They are for the proposal to build a leisure centre.

be in

быть дома / внутри

Is anybody in?

be in for

быть сосредоточенным, ожидать чего-то плохого

You’ll be in for it, if you don’t do what she tells you.

The weather forecast says we’re in for heavy rain this evening.

be off

быть в процессе ухода, отправляться

The train is off.

Ivan isn’t in his office.He’s off for two days.

be on

быть на телевидении, в кинотеатре, театре, на дежурстве

Two firemen must be on from midnight to 7 o'clock.

be out

быть где-то,но не далеко, отсутствовать, быть немодным

She looked after the child while I was out.

By 1970, flared trousers were out. Nobody seemed to like them any more.

be out of

не иметь чего-то / категорическое нет

The issue is out of the question.

be over

быть завершенным

You aren’tallowed to leave the auditorium until the concert is over.

be through with

быть в пройденном этапе, закончить отношения, работу

I’m through with Artyom; he is so selfish.

I am through with this book, will you let me have another one?

Фразовый глагол "call"

Фразовый глагол



call in = look in

забежать к кому-то домой, заглянуть, посетить

Call in if you are in the neighbourhood.

call off

отозвать, отменить

Tomorrow’s game has been called off because of rain.

call on smb

нанести официальный визит

Our representative will call on your company next Monday.

call out


Yana call out when she saw her friend across the street.

call over

огласить список

The teacher began to call over the names on his list.

call up

призвать в армию;

звать вверьх;

пробуджать воспоминания

Thousands of young men were called up during World War I.

From the bottom of the stairs Yana called up "Have you seen my blue bag?"

The smell of those flowers calls up my childhood.

call back


I say my name, my company and ask them to call me back.

call for

призвать к чему-то, потребовать

The situation called for immediate action.

Suddenly he heard loud calls for help.

Фразовый глагол "carry"

Фразовый глагол



carry off

провести что-то с успехом

It was a daring attempt but he carried it off.

He carried off the introductions well.

carry on (with)


Don't let me interrupt you, just carry on.

carry out

реализовать, воплотить в жизнь

I wish he could afford to carry out his plan.

We all have certain duties and jobs to carry out.

carry over = put off

отложить на потом, перенести на более позднее время

The concert will have to be carried over till next week because the singer is ill.

carry through

провести что-то до конца, несмотря на трудности

Only his courage carried Jim through.

be carried away быть в восторге от чего-либо, быть взволнованным

The crowd were carried away by his passionate speech.

Фразовый глагол "cut"

Фразовый глагол



be cut off

быть отрезанным, изолированным от …

She wascut off from her family.

The army was cut off from its supplies.

cut out

вырезать куски из чего (из бумаги, материи);

покинуть, оставить какое-то дело

May I cut out the article about my performance?

My doctor says I must cut out smoking and strong drinks.

be cut out for

быть вырезанным;

быть подходящим для какого-то дела, профессии

They seem to be cut out for each other.

I am not cut out for an office job.

cut to

прорезаться, добраться до чего-то быстрее

You could cut to the library faster by bus.

cut through

разрезать (бумагу и т.д.)

They had to cut their way through the forest with axes.

cut up

порезать полностью на маленькие кусочки

Please cut up the meat for the dog as his teeth are bad now.

cut across

срезать путь, сократить путь

She cut across the field quickly.

cut back on = down on

сократить расходы

The Government has cut back on defence spending.

cut down

подрезать кого-то на пути, чтобы тот упал сократить размер (об одежде, о написанном)

I did not mean to cut you down while skating. I am sorry.

I could cut your father's trousers down for the boy.

cut in

подрезать другую машину на дороге, появиться внезапно перед другой машиной; влезть в разговор, перебить собеседника

We were driving peacefully along the road when this red car cut in (on us), forcing us to slow down.

"May I join you?" a loud voice cut in.

cut into

разрезать, разделить на части;

влезть в разговор, перебить собеседника

Squid was cut into rings and fried in batter.

The children cut into the conversation with demands for attention.

cut off

отрезать (об электричестве), прервать поставки

The electricity supply will be cut off if we don't pay our bill.

Фразовый глагол "go"

Фразовый глагол



go through

испытывать, переживать (как опыт);

просмотреть тщательно; обсудить в деталях

She went through a difficult time when she moved.

He went through the figures.

They went through his suggestions again before making a decision.

go through with

реализовать, несмотря на сложности

He’d threatened to divorce her but I never thought he’d go through with it.

go up

повышаться, подниматься вверх

Prices are always going up.

New buildings are going up all around us.

go with

совпадать, подходить по цвету, быть частью

That new wallpaper goes well with the furniture.

go without

обойтись без чего-то

If you don't like your tea you can go without.

I’d rather go without food than work for him.

go about

ходить туда-сюда

Stories have been going about concerning the government's secret intentions.

go ahead

двигаться вперед, продолжать

Please go ahead with your story, there won't be any more interruptions.

go along

продолжать, прогрессировать

How is your work going along?

But the real trick is to track the project as it goes along.

go along with

соглашаться с кем-то, продвигаться вперед с чем-то

I don't go along with you there.

go at


Suddenly, he went at me with a knife.

go away

оставлять, уходить

If you take an aspirin, your headache will go away.

go back

возвращаться, вспоминать

Although he had promised to help us, he went back to his word.

go back on

нарушать обещание, брать назад обещание

He'll put it through, though; he won't go back on his tracks.

She’s gone back on her word and decided not to give me the job after all.

go by

течь (про время), упускать шанс, пройти мимо чего-то

You can't afford to let any job go by when you've been out of work for so long.

go down

пойти вниз, снизиться, сократиться, сесть (о солнце, луне), утонуть, проглотить

I do not think he cares a straw whether your temperature goes down or up.

As the sun went down below the horizon, the sky became pink and gold.

go down with

слечь с болезнью

He went down with flu.

go for

нападати, подавати заявку на роботу

A big Alsatian went for my little dog.

Why don’t you go for this marketing job?

go in for

заниматься чем-то (спортом и т.д.)

Some men go in for football in a big way.

go into

расследовать тщательно войти в группу, врезаться, въехать, начать деятельность

I go into the problem of price increases.

The car had gone into a lamppost.

go off

взорваться, испортиться (о еде), остановиться, добиваться успеха, выходить

The bomb went off, but fortunately no one was injured.

The milk has gone off; it smells terrible.

She went off him after their marriage.

The actors went off stage.

go on


"When I am Prime Minister," he went on, "we shall abolish taxes."

go out

выйти из моды;

остановить пожар

The fire has gone out.

That style went out ages ago!

go over

пройтись по материалу, чтобы проверить детали

The police went over the evidence many times trying to come up with something.

go round

хватать для всех, распространять, циркулировать

There’s enough food to go round.

The news went round very quickly.

Фразовый глагол "draw"

Фразовый глагол



draw on

использовать (о деньгах);

привлекать, грести;

приближаться. прибывать

I could really draw on well with such a lot of money.

Try to draw the animals on so that they fall into a trap.

draw out

брать деньги с банкомата, снимать; определить общую идею чего-то

He drew out some money to pay his rent.

If to draw out the main idea it is like this.

draw up

остановиться (о транспорте); составить завещание, договор

The cab drew up outside the house.

My grandfather had a solicitor draw up his will last year.

draw back

брать назад обещание;

отступить назад от страха

The crowd drew back to let the firemen through.

She learned forward to stroke the dog but quickly drew back when she saw its teeth.

draw in

приволочиться в ... (об автобусах, поездах, прибывающих)

Look. The train is drawing in.

Фразовый глагол "fall"

Phrasal Verb



fall off

спадать, ухудшаться (о количестве или силе)

Student numbers have been falling off recently.

The quality of performance has fallen off since last year.

fall out with

поссориться, разорвать отношения с кем-то

He has a knack of falling out with everyone.

She fell out with Peter because he came home late.

fall through

провалиться в каком-то деле, не иметь успеха

The plan fell through when it proved too costly.

Our plans fell through due to lack of money.

fall apart

распадаться на части (об упавших предметах);

закончиться поражением (о человеке)

This cup just fell apart in my hands.

With all these increasing costs, the business can fall apart.

Their marriage seems to be falling apart.

fall back

падать (о темпе), двигаться назад; отставать, отступать (о военных действиях)

Production has fallen back in the last few months.

Our army forced the enemy to fall back.

fall back on

обращаться за помощью в случае провала

Keep some money in the bank to fall back on in case something goes wrong.

fall behind

отставать, плестись сзади

Don't fall behind now, just when you're doing so well.

fall for

упадать за кем-то (о любви)

He was going to fall for her.

Some men always fall for women with blond hair

fall in

упасть, рухнуть

His world fell in when he lost his job.

I’m afraid the roof will fall in if an earth quake hits the area.

fall in with


I'm glad to see that you all fall in with me on this question.

fall into

впасть в какое-то состояние, войти в определенное состояние; разбиваться, делиться на категории

Henry fell into one of his fearful rages.

This novel falls into the category of historical adventure.

fall on

нападать, атаковать кого-то; напасть на еду из-за голода

The raider fell on the policeman.

The children fell on the cake and ate all of it.

Фразовый глагол "get"

Фразовый глагол



get round = bring round

убеждать кого-то в своей правоте

I think I can get round my father to lend us the car.

We eventually got him round to our point of view.

get round to

найти время, чтобы сделать что-то, суметь сделать

We finally got round to answering our correspondence.

I haven’t got round to writing that letter yet.

get through

пройти через, завершить, успешно сдать экзамен

Telephone me when you get through (with the article), and we'll have dinner together.

How many of your students got through?

get through to…

добраться до кого-то, дозвониться, пробиться к кому-то по телефону

The snow was so deep that the climbers could not get through to the hut.

I got (through to) him on the telephone at last.

I can't seem to get through to you.

get to

добраться до … получать (об эмоциях)

I finally got to work at home.

I can't seem to get to him.

Lovely flowers and things like that get to me

get up

подниматься с кровати

I like to get up to soft music, not shouting voices.

get about = round

передвигаться по …, путешествовать

I don't get about much.

When are you going to get round to our house?

get across

излагать идеи понятно

I spoke slowly but my meaning didn't get across.

I hope I'm getting this across to you in a way you can understand it.

get after


You'll have to get after him to trim the bushes.

get along with=

get on with

ладить с кем-то

He had a genius for getting along with boys.

They get along with each other despite their differences.

get at

нападать на кого-то внезапно, найти что-то; намекать

He hates us, and we are where he can get at us.

Don't let him get at the wine.

What are you getting at when you look at me like that?

get away (from)

оставлять, бежать

I couldn't get away at all last year, I was too busy.

You think you can get away with lies now?

get away with

оставлять, бежать, сделав что-то нелегальное и не быть пойманным, избежать наказания

We mustn't let him get away with the idea that he won't have to pay for it.

get back

вернуться в прежнее состояние; вовращаться

I had to stop running to get my breath back.

When did your neighbours get back from their holiday?

get back to

вернуться в разговоре к чему-то

Let's get back to the original question.

get behind

отставать в сроках, не успевать

She’s been getting behind the rest of the class recently.

If you get behind with your rent, you will be asked to leave.

get by

обходиться деньгами, не требуя больше

Somehow she managed to get by.

She gets by on very little money.

How can he get by on such low wages?

get down

глотать со сложностью; влиять плохо на эмоциональное состояние, вызывать депрессию

Try to get the medicine down, it's good for you.

This rainy weather gets me down.

get down to

взяться за что-то с очень серьезными намерениями

Let us get down to business.

It’s time you got down to looking for a better job.

get into

войти вовнутрь;

стать привычным

They got into his house without keys.

You'll soon get into the way of using it.

get off

бросить, отправиться, начать путешествие выйти из автобуса, поезда

If we can get off by seven o’clock, the roads will be clearer.

Get off at Camden Town.

I tripped as I got off the bus.

get on

сесть в автобус, поезд; прогрессировать, двигаться

We must have got on the wrong bus.

He’s getting on well at school.

How did you get on? - I think I got the job.

get out (of)

выйти из середины здания; убежать

Get me out of here!

The meeting went on late, so I got out as soon as I could.

get out of

избежать ответственности

You can't get out of it now

get over

выздороветь, поправиться, преодолеть

I can't get over it.

Фразовый глагол "give"

Фразовый глагол



give in = hand in

сдаться, поддаться якійсь спокусі

віддати в руки, вручити

The two boys fought until one gave in.

No doubt there is a temptation to give in to this.

Names of all students entering for the examination must be given in by 1 March.

give off

видавати(випускати, виділяти) запахи, гази, тепло

Boiling water gives off steam.

This milk must be bad, it's giving off a nasty smell.

give out = hand out


They were giving out free samples of the new shampoo at the supermarket.

give to


постачати, забезпечувати

I am going to give these ear-rings to you.

All the necessary equipment is given to them.

give up

припинити (про звичку)

здатися, “руки вгору”

It's hard to give up the drinking habit without help.

Don't give up without even trying.

give away

открыть тайну, дать знать;

отдать бесплатно

Don't give away the ending of the story, it'll spoil it.

She gave away most of her clothes to the poor.

give back


When can you give back the money that you owe?

Фразовый глагол "do"

Фразовый глагол



do out of

сделать кого-то в игре, выиграть, победить

We could easily do out of them in football if our forward were not ill.

do up

застегнуть пуговицы;

сделать ремонт, украсить помещения, улучшить заворачивать что-то в бумагу

Do up your coat!

I’d like to buy a run-down cottage that I can do up.

There was a pile of gifts all done up in shiny paper.

do with

терпеть, выносить;


I'm afraid you'll have to do with a lot less now that our money is gone

do without

обойтись без чего-то

We can do without your criticisms thank you.

I can't do without cigarettes

do away with

отменить, ликвидировать, избавиться от чего-нибудь и больше к этому не возвращаться

That's a practice that should be done away with.

do down

делать кого-то ниже того, чего он заслуживает;

говорить плохо о ком-то

You shouldn't do yourself down – you've got a lot of ability.

I was alluding to the powerful bi-weekly sheet which falls over itself in its efforts to do down the Conservative cause.

do in

расправиться с кем-то, убить

The criminals have done in the old man.

do out

очистить, убрать

The only way to keep the garage clean and tidy is to do it out thoroughly once a year.

Фразовый глагол "run"

Фразовый глагол



run over

пробежаться глазами по материалу

She quickly ran over her speech before going on-stage.

run out of

иссякать, заканчиваться

He has run out of all his money.

run through

пробежаться по материалу, повторяя его

Let's run through the plan.

Let's run through the whole play from the beginning.

run up


The price of coffee is running up all over the world.

run across = come across

пересечься с кем-то случайно

She ran across an old friend while on holiday.

run after

бежать за кем-то

The dog ran after the dog.

run away

убегать от

He was so unhappy that he tried to run away from school.

run away with

убегать с чем-то, что-то украсть и убежать

The thieves ran away with £15,000,000 from the bank.

run down

наехать, переехать полностью;

сдохнуть, разрядиться (про предметы, которые работают на батарейках, часы)

The old man was run over/down by a bus.

I think the clock must have run down.

be run down

выдохнуться (про людские силы)

In spite of my holiday in the sun, I've been run down recently.

run in

объезжать новую машину

I can’t go any faster; I’m running the car in.

run into = run up against

столкнуться с кем-то неожиданно;

въехать в другую машину на дороге

Graham ran into someone he used to know at school the other day.

I had to brake suddenly, and the car behind ran into me.

The car ran slap into the truck.

run off

избегать домашних обязанностей или чего-то другого;

быстро сделать печатные материалы

He always runs off washing up whenever there is plenty of dirty dishes.

Can you please run off 200 copies of this notice?

run on

болтать без конца;

бежать (о времени)

He ran on endlessly about his family.

Months ran on, and still there was no letter.

run over = run down

переехать кого-то на дороге

Slow down, you might run someone over.

Фразовый глагол "hold"

Фразовый глагол



hold to

придерживаться (правил, обрядов)

He held to his views in spite of opposition.

hold up

поддерживать, заддерживать

The building of the new road has been held up by bad weather.

hold with


I don't hold with some of the strange ideas that you believe in.

hold back = keep back

сдерживать эмоции, слезы, смех;


She tried to hold back her tears and not cry in front of her mum.

What's holding you back?

He kept the news back.

hold down

держать на более низком уровне

They tried to hold down prices.

hold in


Jim was able to hold in his anger and avoid a fight.

hold off

держаться на расстоянии

Hold everybody off. It is dangerous.

hold on

ждать на телефоне;

продолжать, несмотря ни на что

Hold on, I shan't be a minute.

Hold on!

hold out


не сдаваться

The food supplies won’t hold out until Monday so we’ll have to find some food before then.

The miners held out for 18 months before they called off the strike.

hold over =

put off


The concert was held over till the next week because of the singer's illness.

Фразовый глагол "see"

Фразовый глагол



see off

провожать к поезду, самолету

All the parents were at the railway station, seeing the children off to school.

see out

провожать до дверей

Don’t bother to see me out, I can find my own way.

see over

осматривать местность, место

She decided to see the flat over before buying it.

see through

видеть насквозь

He was such a poor liar that they saw through him at once.

see about = see to

делать запрос;

приглядывать, заботиться о чем-то

I’ll see about the food if you get the table ready.

He couldn't see about the matter because he was ill.

Will you see to it?

see for oneself

убедиться самому;

считаться только со своим мнением

He is the person who sees only for himself ignoring other people’s opinions.

see into

зреть в корень

I can't see into your thoughts.

Фразовый глагол "keep"

Фразовый глагол



keep on

продолжать, несмотря на трудности

Keep on with your studies, however hard it sometimes seems.

keep out


Let’s keep burglary out. The windows are not broken.

keep out of

оставаться в стороне от проблем

The boss is in an angry mood, so keep out of her way.

keep to


For heaven’s sake let’s keep to the point or we’ll never reach any decision.

keep up (with)

держаться на одном и том же уровне

I've kept up a friendship with a girl I was at school with twenty years ago.

Despite being ill he kept up with his work and passed the exam.

keep after

преследовать кого-то

I'll keep after you until you do it

keep at

держаться на уровне, продолжать работать

I kept at it and finally finished at 3 o’clock in the morning.

keep away/off/from

держаться осторожно, подальше от…

The doctor advised Jim to keep away from fattening foods.

Keep off the grass!

keep back = hold back

держаться подальше;

сдерживать, задерживать

Keep everybody back.

The dikes kept back the floodwaters.

What's holding you back?

keep behind

удерживать кого-то всередине, не пускать

The children are being kept behind because of disobedience.

keep down

сдерживать эмоции, подавлять, контролировать эмоции

Don’t keep you tears down.

keep oneself from

избегать, беречь себя, предотвращать

Try to keep the children from throwing food all over the floor.

keep in

оставлять дома в виде наказания

The teacher kept us in for misbehaving in class.

keep in with

поддерживать дружеские отношения

You'd better keep in with him.

Фразовый глагол "make"

Фразовый глагол



make sth up to smb

компенсировать, подстраивать под кого-то

How can we make up to them for all the worry we've caused them?

He's always making up to influential people.

make up=

think up

изобретать, придумывать;

I couldn't remember a fairy story to tell to the children, so I made one up as I went along.

make up

наносить косметику

Fewer women are making up these days.

make up with


Won't you make it up with her?

make up one’s mind


She can’t make up her mind whether to go to Turkey or India.

be made for

быть сделанным для кого-то/чего-то

They are made for each other.

A short cut across the fields was made for the convenience of the inhabitants.

make for

направляться, двигаться к…

When he got out of jail he made for Toledo.

make off = make away

делать ноги, убегать

The police gave chase, but the thieves made away with the jewels.

make out

различать, разделять;

разбираться, понимать

You can just make out the farm in the distance.

I can’t make out what the name on the bell is.

Can you make out what he's trying to say?

make over

передавать собственность кому-то другому

He made over his house for use as a hospital in the war.

Фразовый глагол "look"

Фразовый глагол



look onto, look out on to

выходить окнами на

The windows look onto garden.

look out = watch out


Look out, that step's not safe!

look over

тщательно осмотреть территорию

We must look the school over before sending our son there.

look round

ходить рассматривая

She spent a few hours looking round the shops.

look through

просматривать материалы;

просмотреть, не заметить

He looked through his notes before the lecture.

I said good morning but she looked me straight through and walked on.

look up

смотреть в справочнике, словаре, списке

If you don't know the meaning of a word, look it up in a good dictionary.

look up to…


I've always wanted a girlfriend I could look up to.

look after

приглядывать за кем-то, заботиться

She looked after the child while I was out

look ahead

заглядывать в будущее

We are trying to look ahead and see what our options are.

look back on

вспоминать прошлое, смотреть назад (на)

My grandfather looks back on his army days with pleasure.

look down on

смотреть свысока, с презрением

She looks down on Ivan because he isn’t rich.

look for


I looked for you everywhere.

look forward to…

с нетерпением ждать

Every year the children look forward to the holidays coming.

look into

расследовать, решать проблему изнутри

The police are looking into the case of the smuggled diamonds.

look in on smb

заглянуть к кому-то, проведать

I’ll look in on my mother on my way home.

look on


He pushed me to the door and the other people looked on as though nothing were happening.

Фразовый глагол "pay"

Фразовый глагол



pay down

делать первый взнос, давать задаток

The buyer paid $6,000 down for the new car.

pay for

расплатиться, заплатить, отомстить

All criminals should pay for their crimes.

pay back

отдать назад деньги, вернуть долг;

отплатить тем же, отомстить

Promise I’ll pay you back as soon as I get paid.

We will pay them back for the trick they played on us.

pay off/up

рассчитаться окончательно

It's a good feeling to pay off the house after all these years.

Pay up what you owe before you leave town.

Фразовый глагол "put"

Фразовый глагол



put through

соединить (по телефону)

Can you put me through to this number?

put up

установить здание, памятник;

поселить кого-то;


Do you know how to put up a tent?

They’ve put up the statue in the square.

I can put up two adults, but no children.

Rents are fixed and cannot be put up.

put up with

примириться с чем-то, терпеть

That's the kind of behaviour that I just will not put up with.

put aside = put by

отложить, сэкономить

He puts aside £50 a month for his summer holidays.

put across = get across

четко изъясняться

The lecturer managed to put his ideas across to the audience.

put away

положить на место

Put the toys away in the cupboard. We’re expecting guests tonight.

put back

перевести стрелки часов назад,

положить на место

My watch was fast so I put it back three minutes.

Will you put the books back when you’ve finished with them?

put down = write down = take down


положить вниз

Make sure you put down everything said at the meeting.

I've put the pictures down.

put down to

приписать кому-то что-то

I put his bad temper down to his recent illness.

put forward

перевести стрелки часов вперед;

выдвинуть идею, предложение

My watch was slow so I put it forward five minutes.

A suitable answer has already been put forward by the chairman.

put in

«вставить 5 копеек» в разговор

"But wait," Yana put in, "I haven't finished my story."

put in for

подать заявление в какую-то организацию

I’m putting in for a job at the hospital.

Richard’s finally put in for his driving test.

put off


Never put off till Artyomorrow what you can do today.

put on

одеть на себя (одежду);

включить (свет);


He put his coat on hurriedly and ran out of the house.

Please put the light on, it's getting dark.

She has put on weight since she stopped working out.

put out

гасить (пожар)

Put out all fires before leaving the camping ground.

Фразовый глагол "pass"

Фразовый глагол



pass by = pass over

недосмотреть, пропустить

Do you ever feel that life is passing you by?

Don't pass any detail over.

pass off as

притворяться, сойти за кого-то

The dealer was trying to pass off fakes as valuable antiques.

pass on

пересказать, передавать от человека к человеку

If he provided us with any information, no one passed it on to me.

pass out

терять сознание

When he heard the news, he passed out with the shock.

pass out = give out

раздавать бесплатно, дарить

They passed out free chewing gum on the street.

pass away


I’m sorry to tell you your aunt passed away last night.

Фразовый глагол "pull"

Фразовый глагол



pull oneself together

собраться, взять контроль над чувствами

Now, Nora... pull yourself together. Things may not be as bad as all that.

pull out

потянуться (после сна) растянуться;

отъехать (про поезда)

It is so pleasant to pull your limbs out after sitting for so long.

pull back = draw back

забирать назад обещание

I accepted his offer at once, lest he should pull back.

pull down

стянуть вниз, разрушить

The old houses were pulled down.

pull in = draw in

прибыть (про поезда)

The train from Dublin is due to pull in at 5.30 pm.

Фразовый глагол "work"

Фразовый глагол



work up

разжигать, возбуждать, добиваться

I’ve been walking all day so I’ve worked up a really good appetite.

work on

сработать, иметь эффект

We have to check this new drug to see how it works on animals.

work out

разработать решения для

You can work that out for yourself.

I’m sure we can work out our problems if we talk about them.

Фразовый глагол "stand"

Фразовый глагол



stand up for

подняться на защиту каких-то идей, защищать права

I stood up for him and said I had always found him to be honest.

She had the spunk to stand up for her rights.

stand up to

подняться, встать на ноги против чего-то без страха

They stood up to the fire of the enemy.

He wasn’t afraid to stand up to bullies.

stand about/around

стоять без дела

Do I pay you to stand about like a tailor's dummy?

He was standing around fanning with other guys.

stand by

стоять возле кого-то, чтобы поддержать; наблюдать праздно

I’ll stand by you whatever happens.

How can a crowd stand by while a woman is attacked and robbed?

stand for

стоять за какую-то идею, представлять идею; отстаивать принципы

This party stands for low taxes and individual freedom.

stand in for

стать на место кого-то, заменить

Can you stand in for me at the meeting?

stand on

стоять на своем, действовать твердо по своим убеждениям

I stand on my rights in this matter, and will take the matter to court if necessary.

stand out

стоять порознь, отдельно, выделяться из толпы

She really stands out wearing that pink suit.

stand up

встать на ноги, подняться

Stand up and come over here.

Фразовый глагол "take"

Фразовый глагол



take up

браться за какое-то дело;

укоротить одежду

When he retired, he took up sailing as a hobby.

She took all her skirts up three inches.

be taken aback


We were taken aback when they said they were getting married. No one expected it.

be taken in

быть обманутым

She was taken in by the con man and bought a fake insurance policy.

take after

унаследовать характер

Who(m) does he take after?

He takes after his grandfather.

take away

забрать прочь;

отвести в другое место

Please don't take your hand away, it makes me think that you don't like me.

I'd like to take you away for a holiday, but I don't know when we shall be able to afford it.

take back

забрать назад обидные слова;


He took back his remarks about her cooking because she was obviously upset.

My mind took me back to that evening...

take down


сделать одежду длиннее

He took down my address and phone number and said he’d phone back.

If you do not take the trousers down you will look like a clown.

take for

принять кого-то за кого-нибудь другого

Sorry, I took you for your brother. I always mix you up.

take in

взять кого-то к себе в дом;

воспринимать информацию;

делать уже (про одежду)

Seaside villagers often take in tourists as paying guests.

Did you take in what I said or should I repeat it?

Now that I’ve lost weight I should take my clothes in.

take off

снимать одежду, обувь;

взлетать (про самолет);

взять время на отдых;

уменьшать вес тела

Take off this dirty dress and I’ll wash it for you.

We saw the plane take off and disappear into the clouds.

He took three days off work to go and see his parents.

He took off weight every day.

take on

взять на работу

They decided to take on two extra assistants during the holiday rush.

take out

забрать, вывести пятно

I took out my luggage from the left luggage.

Use this spray to take out the stain.

take over

взять что-то под контроль

She’ll take over the company when her father retires.

take smb out

повести кого-то (в ресторан)

I'm taking her out to restaurant tonight.

take to

пристать к

She took to him immediately.

I don’t know why she’s taken to biting her nails.

Фразовый глагол "set"

Фразовый глагол



set smb up

быть обвиняемым за что-то, быть посрамленным за что-то

He had nothing to do with the robbery, he must have been set up.

Although he knew someone had set him up, he couldn’t prove it.

set to

приготовить себя к тяжелому труду

Get the duster and set to; there’s lot’s of work to do before our visitors arrive.

set up

начать бизнес свести сооружение, дом установить

He left his job to set up his own business.

They needed the money to set up a special school for gifted children.

Do you know how to set up a tent?

The young swimmer has set up a new fast time for the backstroke.

set about

сделать установку по поводу какой-то работы, начать работу

He set about fixing the door while she cleaned the house.

set aside

разместить в сторону, отложить с какой целью

Tom set his new book aside for a year.

It's time to set our differences aside and work together.

set back

установить стрелки часов назад препятствовать, мешать, установка, двигаться назад

My watch was fast so I set it back three minutes.

The cost of the war has set back national development by ten years.

set down

устанавливать правила

We had to set down rules for the behaviour of the members.

set in

устояться (о погоде)

The rain set in.

Winter has set in.

set off/out

отправиться в путешествие намереваться сделать что-то

He set off for work an hour ago.

I set off to make the work by myself, but in the end I had to ask for help.

This is not what I set out to learn when I took this course.

be set on

иметь установку на делание чего-то, быть настроенным на

He is set on it.

Фразовый глагол "wear"

Фразовый глагол



wear out

устать, выбиться из сил;

износиться (про одежду, обувь)

He wears me out. I’ve worked so hard today, I’m worn out.

I'm just wearing this old coat out. Under normal conditions, shock absorbers wear out slowly.

wear down

подавить сопротивление

A few weeks in solitary confinement will wear down the prisoner’s resistance.

wear away

изнашиваться со временем, стираться (о дереве или камне)

Constant dropping wears away a stone, constant flirtation saps the character.

wear off

исчезать, выветриваться (о чувствах)

Your nervousness will wear off when the exams are over./ The shock began to wear off.

Фразовый глагол "turn"

Фразовый глагол



turn into

превратить что-то в что-то другое

The frog turned into a prince. The referendum might turn into a party political beauty contest.

turn out

оказаться; выпустить какую-то продукцию;

выворачивать карманы; освободить комнату от вещей

He turned out an excellent actor. Her work turned out to be badly done.

Our factory turns out 100 cards a day.

He turned out his pockets.

We turned out all the rooms and found things we hadn’t seen for years.

turn away

отвернуться от кого-то, кто нуждается в помощи

It is inhospitable to turn a stranger away.

turn over

перевернуть страницу;

переключить канал по телевизору

Now children, turn over to the next page.

This programme’s boring – shall I turn over to BBC?

turn down

изменить голос, сделать тише; отвергнуть предложение

Please, turn down the volume on the radio. Could you turn down the radio a little?

He proposed to her but she turned him down.

turn to

обратиться к кому-то за помощью

When I’m in trouble I always turn to my brother.

turn off

выключить (свет)

Turn off the oven before you leave.

turn on

включить (свет)

She forgot to turn the light on.

turn in

свернуться калачиком, чтобы спать

It's time I was turning in. She turned in early.

turn up

появиться неожиданно

His book turned up in the cupboard. He finally turned up at the meeting an hour late.

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