Hear or Listen Упражнения по грамматике

Choose correct letter.

1. I'm really sorry but I __ what you said just now and I wonder if you could repeat it.

(a) wasn't listen to (b) wasn't hearing (c) didn't hear (d) didn't hearing

2. I __ attentively to the lecture on philosophy but I still didn't understand very much of it.

(a) heard (b) listened (c) was hearing (d) was listen

3. Can you __ me all right over there because you are rather far away?

(a) listening (b) hearing (c) listen (d) hear

4. I __ what you are saying but that still doesn't make me want to change my mind.

(a) listen (b) hear (c) am listing (d) am hearing

5. I __ to the concert every Saturday on the radio and I imagine I am there listening to it in person.

(a) listen (b) am listening (c) hear (d) am hearing

6. I should explain that she finds it very difficult to follow your conversation because she is very hard of __.

(a) listen to (b) listening (c) to hear (d) hearing

7. Now will you please __ me and pay attention to what I'm saying because it's really important.

(a) hear (b) listen to (c) hearing (d) listening to

8. You've been making so much noise with your music that people at the far end can __ you.

(a) listen to (b) listening to (c) hear (d) hearing

9. She sometimes pretends he can't __ a single word you are saying but all the time she's taking it all in.

(a) listen to (b) listening to (c) hear (d) hearing

10. I have been __ strange stories about her recently but I do hope that there is no substance in them.

(a) listened to (b) listening to (c) heard (d) hearing


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