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Complete the sentences

1. She has got long hair.

2. We have got short hair.

3. You have got big eyes.

4. My dog has got big ears.

5. They have got black hair.


1. She hasn’t got long hair.

2. We haven’t got short hair.

3. You haven’t got big eyes.

4. My dog hasn’t got big ears.

5. They haven’t got black hair.


1. Has Mark got a CD?

2. Has he got a watch?

3. Has Nina got a computer?

4. Has Linda got a book?

5. Have Peter and Lisa got videos?

6. Have they got bicycles?

Complete the sentences


1. I have got some apples.

2. I haven’t got (not) any shoes.

3. He has got a new car.

4. They haven’t got (not) a new car.

5. How many children has he got?

6. We haven’t got (not) a dog.

7. I haven’t got (not) any food.

8. They have got some fruit.

9. She hasn’t got (not) any friends.

10. I´m busy, I haven’t got (not) a lot of time.

11. This flat is great, it has got a lot of space.

12. What have you got ?

13. Have you got a pencil?

14. We haven’t got (not) any fruit.

15. They haven’t got (not) much money.

16. They have got a lot of happiness.

17. We haven’t got (not) a new computer.

18. Málaga has got a lot of nice hotels.

19. He hasn’t got (not) any problems.

20. Madrid has got many old buildings.

21. Have you got an aspirin?

22. I haven’t got (not) any cigarettes.

23. Have you got brothers and sisters?

24. Kim has got a new watch.

25. Have you got a plane ticket?


1. I have got a house in the country.

2. Have you got a cold?

3. She has got 5000 euros in the bank.

4. He has got four beautiful daughters.

5. They have got three kids.

6. Peter has got the Internet.

7. Mark has got a cat called Monkey.

8. Ana has got a new kitchen.

9. We haven’t got (not) a TV yet.

10. I haven’t got (not) a horse.

11. I have got ¨News for you¨, is a very popular program.

12. Have you got any lemons?

13. I have got some oranges.

14. I have got a sore throat.

15. She hasn’t got (not) an earache.

16. He has got a temperature.

17. They have got a tummy ache.

18. I have got a cut on my foot.

19. Have you got a girlfriend?

20. Her office has got a nice view.

21. Why has he got a tattoo?

22. He has got a lot of money.

23. She has got a big TV.

24. I have got two Tous bags.

25. I have got long hair.


1. Laura has got a lot of stamps.

2. Our house hasn’t got (not) large windows.

3. I have got a younger brother.

4. We have got art lessons on Mondays.

5. Dad hasn’t got (not) a cold.

6. Monkeys have got long tails.

7. John has got a sore knee.

8. We have got a new science teacher.

9. He has got a bad temper.

10. The girls have got golden hair.

11. An insect has got six legs.

12. Dad has got his cell phone with him.

13. Many poor people haven’t got (not) anything to eat.

14. Málaga has got a very big airport.

15. A triangle has got 3 sides.

16. The man has got two daughters.

17. James hasn’t got (not) a toothache.

18. All the passengers have got their tickets.

19. Every pupil hasn’t got (not) a good dictionary.

20. Dad has got two pairs of shoes.

21. Jack has got ten marbles.

22. I have got a hamster. It is called Lucky.

23. We have got an apartment.

24. The farmer has got different kinds of animals on his farm.


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