Глагол "to be" Ответы

Complete the sentences with "to be"

1. I _am_ a girl.

2. My father _is_ at work.

3. Alex and Dino _are_ my cats.

4. Alex _is_ in the garden.

5. Dino _is_ on the floor.

6. My red pencil _is_ on the floor, too.

7. The other pencils _are_ in my pencil case.

8. My mother _is_ in the living room.

9. Eli and Rafa _are_ good friends.

10. They _are_ good at tennis.

11. _Are_ they in Amsterdam this week?

12. The pupils _are_ not at school today.

13. It _is_ Monday.

14. I _am_ at home.

15. We _are_ friends.

Make affirmative sentences with "to be"

1. I _am_ never happy on a Sunday afternoon.

2. We _are_ Scottish.

3. He _is_ a pilot.

4. Mayte and Joshua _are_ angry.

5. You _are_ clever and good-looking.

Make negative sentences with "to be"

1. You _are_ not Dutch.

2. Gemma _is_ at home.

3. Agust and I _are_ pleased about it.

4. I _am_ not cruel.

5. It _is_ good.

Questions with "to be"

1. _Are_ you from Málaga?

2. _Is_ Isabel Spanish?

3. _Are_ we ready to go?

4. _Is_ he married?

5. _Are_ you tired?

Fill in the correct form of "to be"


1. Joshua _is_ Marco´son.

2. Patty's mother _is_ Joshua's sister.

3. Beatriz and Marcos _are_ their grandparents.

4. They _are_ Cristina's parents.

5. Cecilia and Victor _are_ Masha 's children.

6. Janice _is_ my grandmother.

7. My father's name _is_ Juan.

8. Francisco and Jaime _are_ from Colombia.

1. It _is_ a donkey. It _is_ not a horse.

2. It _is_ very hot today. It _is_ not very comfortable.

3. I _am_ Petya . I _am_ not Paul.

4. She _is_ Miss Lee. She _is_ a teacher.

5. He _is_ my father. He _is_ a doctor. He _is_ not a lawyer.

6. You _are_ a stranger. You _are_ not my friend.

7. We _are_ in the same class, but we _are_ not on the same team.


1. The camel _is_ a desert animal.

2. Vegetables and fruit _are_ healthy foods.

3. Lambs _are_ baby sheep.

4. Kenneth _is_ a lawyer.

5. Rex _is_ a clever dog.

6. A duck _is_ a kind of bird.

7. The playground _is_ full of people today.

8. My house _is_ near the school.

9. The questions _are_ not too difficult.

10. The balloons _are_ very colorful.


1. They _are_ my good friends.

2. He _is_ a soldier.

3. You _are_ taller than Charlie.

4. She _is_ ill.

5. We _are_ very hungry.

1. John's dog _is_ very friendly.

2. Robert _is_ ten years old.

3. These flowers _are_ very pretty.

4. The two schools _are_ close to each other.

5. Maths _is_ not a very difficult subject.

6. _Is_ dinner ready?

7. This computer _is_ very easy to use.

8. All the windows _are_ open.

9. Sue and Jane _are_ neighbours.

10. His hair _is_ curly.

Turn the sentences into negative.

1. The British Isles are not in Africa.

2. The Mediterranean is not an ocean.

3. The Alps are not in America.

4. The Nile is not in Asia.

5. Mount Everest is not in Africa.


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