Tenses in passive voice. Ответы

1. Write passive sentences in Present Simple.

1. The window / open - The window is opened.

2. The letter / send - the letter is sent.

3. The documents / print - The documents are printed.

4. The book / read / not - The Book isn’t read.

5. The litter / throw away - The litter is thrown away.

6. The songs / sing / not - The songs aren’t sung.

7. The shoes / buy - The shoes are bought.

8. The car / wash - The car is washed.

9. The shop / close / not - The shop isn’t closed.

10. The food / eat / not - The food isn’t eaten.

2. Write passive sentences in Past Simple.

1. The house / build - The house was built.

2. The car / stop / not - The car wasn’t stopped.

3. The lights / switch on - The lights were switched on.

4. This computer / sell / not - This computer wasn’t sold.

5. The test / write - The test was written.

6. The children / pick up / not - The children weren’t picked up.

7. The tables / clean / not - the tables weren’t cleaned.

8. The table / set - The table was set.

9. Dinner / serve - Dinner was served.

10. The cat / feed - The cat was fed.

3. Write passive sentences in Present Perfect.

1. The room / book / not - The room hasn’t been booked.

2. The people / inform / not - The people haven’t been informed.

3. The beds / make - The beds haven’t been made.

4. The trees / plant - the trees haven’t been planted.

5. The pencils / count - the pencils have been counted.

6. The money / spend - The money has been spent.

7. The mail / write - The mail has been written.

8. The postcard / send - The postcard has been sent.

9. The rent / pay / not - The rent hasn’t been paid.

10. The door / close - The door has been closed.

4. Write passive sentences in Future Simple.

1. The thief / arrest - The thief will be arrested.

2. The sign / see / not - The sign will not be seen.

3. The windows / clean - The windows will be cleaned.

4. The ring / find / not - The ring will not be found.

5. These songs / sing - These songs will be sung.

6. The message / read - The message will be read.

7. A dictionary / use / not - A dictionary won’t be used.

8. The photo / take - The photo will be taken.

9. Credit cards / accept / not - Credit cards will not be accepted.

10. The exhibition / visit - The exhibition will be visited.

5. Rewrite the sentences in passive voice (Present Simple).

1. They wear blue shoes. - Blue shoes are worn.

2. She pays a lot of money. - A lot of money is paid.

3. Does the police officer catch the thief? - Is the thief caught by the police officer?

4. He doesn't open the book. - The book is not opened.

5. I draw a picture. - A picture is drawn.

6. Does your mum pick you up? - Are you picked up by your mum?

7. They don't help you. - You are not helped by them.

8. We set the table. - The table is set.

9. You do not write the letter. - The letter is not written.

10. He opens the door. - The door is opened.

6. Rewrite the sentences in passive voice (Past Simple).

1. She didn't win the prize. - The prize wasn’t won by her.

2. She sang a song. - A song was sung.

3. Somebody hit me. - I was hit.

4. I did not tell them. - They were not told.

5. A thief stole my car. - My car was stolen.

6. Did you tell them? - Were they told?

7. They didn't let him go. - He wasn’t let go.

8. We stopped the bus. - The bus was stopped.

9. They didn't make their beds. - Their beds weren’t made.

10. She sang a song. - A song was sung by her.

7. Rewrite the sentences in passive voice (Present Perfect).

1. We have not agreed to this issue. - This issue hasn’t been agreed.

2. They have not caught the thieves. - The thieves haven’t been caught.

3. Katya has paid the bill. - The bill has been paid.

4. They have not read the book. - The book hasn’t been read.

5. We have cycled five miles. - Five miles has been cycled.

6. Has she phoned him? - Has he been phoned?

7. You have not sent the parcel. - The parcel hasn’t been sent.

8. Have they noticed us? - Have we been noticed?

9. I have opened the present. - The present has been opened.

10. I have eaten a hamburger. - A hamburger has been eaten.

8. Rewrite the sentences in passive voice (Future Simple).

1. You will not do it. - It won’t be done.

2. Yana will buy a new computer. - A new computer will be bought.

3. He won't see Sue. - Sue won’t be seen.

4. Will the company employ a new worker? - Will a new worker be employed?

5. They will not show the new film. - The new film will not be shown.

6. Her boyfriend will install it. - It will be installed by her boyfriend.

7. They will not ask him. - He won’t be asked.

8. Millions of people will visit the museum. - The museum will be visited by millions.

9. Our boss will sign the contract. - The contract will be signed.

10. Will the plumber repair the shower? - Will the shower be repaired?

9. Rewrite the sentences in passive voice (Modal Verbs).

1. They don’t need to buy bread. - Bread needn’t be bought.

2. I can answer the question. - The question can be answered.

3. She would carry the box. - The box would be carried.

4. You should open the window. - The window should be opened.

5. You ought to wash the car. - The care ought to be washed.

6. We might play cards. - Cards might be played.

7. Will the teacher test our English? - Will our English be tested by the teacher?

8. Could Kostya lock the door? - Could the door be locked?

9. He must fill in the form. - The form must be filled in.

10. He could not read the sentence. - The sentence couldn’t be read.

10. Sentences with 2 Objects (Indirect Object, Personal Passive)

1. Katya will make you a cup of tea. - A cup of tea will be made. / You will be made a cup of tea.

2. We have asked him a favour. - A favour has been asked. / He has been asked a favour.

3. They did not offer her a seat. - A seat wasn’t offered. / She wasn’t offered a seat.

4. Our neighbour gave me a lift. - A lift was given to me. / I was given a lift.

5. Natalia will give you some advice. - Some advice will be given to you. / You will be given some advice.

6. She told me a lie. - A lie was told. / I was told a lie.

7. They have written her a postcard. - A postcard has been written to her. / She has been written a postcard.

8. I sent him a letter. - A letter was sent to him. / He was sent a letter.

9. The waiter has not brought us the coffee. - The coffee hasn’t been brought. / We haven’t been brought the coffee.

10. The police officer showed us the way. - The way was shown to us. / We were shown the way.

11. Fill in the gaps with the passive forms of the words in brackets

1. The words are explained by the teacher every class.

2. We were sent the contract yesterday.

3. This car will not be sold. It's too old.

4. This document has already been signed.

5. A new restaurant will be opened next month.

6. He was being interviewed when I came there yesterday.

7. The traffic lights cannot be seen from that distance.

8. This task is being done by me right now.

9. The dishes had not been washed by the time I arrived home.

10. These questions will not be asked.


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