Modal verbs in passive voice. Ответы

Rewrite the sentences in passive voice

1. She can answer the question. – The question can be answered by her.

2. He would bring the file. – The file would be brought by him.

3. They should open the window. – The window should be opened by them.

4. We might play chess. – Chess might be played by us.

5. You ought to wash the dishes. – The dishes ought to be washed by you.

6. I must fill in the questionnaire. – The questionnaire must be filled in by me.

7. They don't need to buy milk. – Milk needn’t be bought by them.

8. She could not read the article. – The article couldn’t be read by her.

9. Will the teacher test our vocabulary? – Will our vocabulary be tested by the teacher.

10. Could Vasya lock the gate? –Could the gate be locked by Vasya?


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