Mixed tenses in passive voice. Ответы Смешанные времена и залоги

1. Rewrite the sentences in passive voice (Present Continuous).

1. My father is washing the car. - The car is being washed.

2. We are not playing football. - Football is not being playued.

3. I am writing a poem. - A poem is being written.

4. He is not wearing a tie. - A tie is not being worn.

5. She is taking a picture of him. - A picture is being taken.

6. Ruslana is drinking a cup of tea. - A cup of tea is being drunk.

7. Are they talking about the meeting? - Is the meeting being talked about?

8. Is she preparing the party? - Is the party being prepared?

9. Farmer Igor is milking the cows. - The cows are being milked.

10. Is she watering the flowers? - Are the flowers being watered?

2. Rewrite the sentences in passive voice (Past Continuous).

1. He was not feeding the dogs. - The dogs were not being fed.

2. They were not eating dinner. - Dinner wasn’t being eaten.

3. He was playing the guitar. - The guitar was being played.

4. She was watching a film. - A film was being watched.

5. You were not driving him home. - He was being driven home.

6. I was repairing their bikes. - Their bikes were being prepared.

7. We were not painting the gate. - The gate was not being painted.

8. Was she reading these lines? - Were the lines being read?

9. Were they carrying bags? - Were the bags being carried?

10. We were talking about Francis. - Was Francis being talked about?

3. Rewrite the sentences in passive voice (Past Perfect).

1. I had been reading an article. - An article had been being read.

2. I had worn blue shoes. - Blue shoes had been worn.

3. Had he recorded that song? - Had the song been recognized?

4. We had lost the key. - Had the key been lost?

5. Had she solved the problem? - Had the problem been solved?

6. They had started a fight. - A fight had been started.

7. They had not bought the paper. - The paper hadn’t been bought.

8. She had not noticed me. - I hadn’t been noticed.

9. I had not closed the window. - The window had not been closed.

10. Igor had cleaned the tables. - The tables had been cleaned.

4. Rewrite the sentences in passive voice (Future Perfect).

1. He won't have rung Varya. - Varya won’t have been rung.

2. Fedor will have ordered the drinks. - The drinks will have been ordered.

3. Will you have washed my socks? - Will my socks have been washed?

4. They will have solved the problem. - The problem will have been solved.

5. I will have taken the dog for a walk. - The dog will have been taken for a walk.

6. You will have spent all the money. - All the money will have been spent.

7. She will not have read the book. - The book will not have been read.

8. Will they have paid the bill? - Will the bill have been paid?

9. She will have sold the car. - The car will have been sold.

10. They will not have trusted him. - He will not have been trusted.

5. Complete the sentences (Active or Passive Voice). Use Present Simple.

1. Milk is kept (keep) in the refrigerator.

2. The blue car is sold (sell).

3. He takes (take) his medicine every day.

4. The letters are typed (type).

5. Yana isn’t taken (take / not) to school by her father.

6. She doesn’t work (work / not) for a bank.

7. He sells (sell) cars.

8. In summer, more ice-cream is eaten (eat) than in winter.

9. She calls (call) her grandparents every Friday.

10. We go (go) to school by bus.

6. Complete the sentences (Active or Passive Voice). Use Past Simple.

1. Vera knew (know) Ivan very well.

2. We didn’t spend (spend / not) all day on the beach.

3. Anton grew up (grow up) in the country.

4. The film wasn’t produced (produce / not) in Odessa.

5. We were visited (visit) by our teacher.

6. She went (go) to school in Kiev.

7. They visited (visit) their granny.

8. The jewels were not hidden (hide / not) in the cellar.

9. The new shopping centre was built (build) last year.

10. My friend Paul was born (born) in Lvov.

7. Complete the sentences (Active or Passive Voice). Use Present Perfect Simple.

1. The boy hasn’t fallen (fall / not) off his bike.

2. The car has been stolen (steal).

3. The cup has been put (put) on the table.

4. We have walked (walk) all the way home.

5. I haven’t been bitten (bite / not) by a snake.

6. She hasn’t been picked up (pick up / not) by a friend.

7. My friends have bought (buy) a house.

8. I have baked (bake) a cake.

9. Trees have been planted (plant) in the street.

10. He has stepped (step) on my toe.

8. Complete the sentences (Active or Passive Voice). Use Future Simple.

1. We will go (go) home now.

2. The trees will be cut (cut) down.

3. You will be sent (send) home.

4. The match won’t be won (win / not) by our team.

5. The house will be built (build) here.

6. The weather won’t improve (improve / not) tomorrow.

7. The meeting won’t be cancelled (cancel / not).

8. I will eat (eat) an ice-cream.

9. They won’t do (do / not) that again.

10. I will help (help) you.

9. Rewrite the sentences in passive voice (Mixed tenses).

1. He can cut out the picture. - The picture can be cut out.

2. Masha opened the window. - The window was opened.

3. Kirill collects money. - Money is collected by Kirill.

4. Could you feed the dog? - Could the dog be fed?

5. We have done our homework. - Our homework has been done.

6. I will ask a question. - A question will be asked.

7. Vanya will not repair the car. - The car will not be repaired.

8. The sheep ate a lot. - A lot was eaten by sheep.

9. Did Sue draw this circle? - Was this circle drawn by Sue?

10. We do not clean our rooms. - Our rooms are not cleaned by us.

10. Fill in the correct tense. Use passive or active according to the context (Mixed tenses).

1. The driver was going (go) too fast when suddenly the child appeared.

2. The city Bath was found (found) in the first century A.D. by the Romans.

3. The new desks have already been bought (already buy) but they haven't been delivered (not deliver) yet.

4. We hope that the missing money will be found (find) soon.

5. A lot of money is being spent (spend) on weapons nowadays.

6. The President will give (give) a speech next Monday.

7. Too many offices have been built (build) in the city in the last year. / Too many offices were built (build) in the city last year.

8. The old castle is located (locate) in the forest, not far from the river. I'm sure you will find it

9. Shakespeare wrote (write) many other plays apart from Hamlet.

10. Kirill Higgins was awarded (award) a science prize last month.

11. When she discovered that Tom had eaten (eat) all the biscuits she got very angry.

12. I didn’t go to the party because I hadn’t been / wasn’t (invite)

13. It’s no use trying. You will waste (waste) your time.

14. When she heard that her dog was / had been killed (kill), she burst into tears.

15. A new bridge is being built (build) at the moment.

16. A million people visit (visit) the cathedral every year.


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