Supposed to and meant to. Ответы in passive voice

Fill in the gaps with to be supposed / meant to

1. I'm going to order this textbook. It's supposed to be very good.

2. Why hasn't Vasya come to work today? He is supposed to be ill.

3. The test was supposed to start at 9.00 but almost all the students were late.

4. I'm supposed to give a presentation at the conference tomorrow but I think I'm going to change my plans.

5. She is not supposed to speak on the phone during the exam.

6. Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you are supposed to make tea here.

7. They aren't supposed to smoke in the library.

8. He is meant to be a good doctor. But now I doubt it.

9. Katya was meant to phone me yesterday.

10. Where is Oleg? He was meant to be here two hours ago.


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