Gerund and infinitive in passive voice. Ответы

Fill in the gaps using passive gerunds and infinitives

1. Nobody likes _being laughed at_ (laugh at).

2. Katya remembers _being told about_ (tell about) the project.

3. His greatest ambition is _to be chosen_ (choose) for the position of a team lead.

4. _Being accepted_ (accept) to that company changed his life.

5. We are looking forward _to being filmed_ (film) for this TV programme.

6. I hate _being asked_ (ask) the same questions.

7. Anton was very angry for _being kept_ (keep) waiting.

8. Sveta doesn't want _to be told_ (tell) what to do every time.

9. I don't mind _being explained_ (explain) how to do this task.

10. Slavik _was asked_ (ask) not to come to the party.


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