Participle clauses. Ответы

Complete the sentences using the correct form of the word in brackets

1. A woman wearing __ (wear) a red shirt opened the door and smiled.

2. Salo, produced __ (produce) in Ukraine, is exported all over the world.

3. Vasya works in a bakery making __ (make) cakes and pastries.

4. A car belonging __ (belong) to our boss has been stolen.

5. Pictures painted __ (paint) by Kirill Matveev are usually sold for thousands of dollars.

6. A lorry carrying __ (carry) beer crashed on the motorway.

7. This is a vegetarian canteen. None of the dishes served __ (serve) here contains pork.

8. The book, written __ (write) by V. Sedortsov, has been made into a film.

9. The coffee served __ (serve) here is really tasty.

10. Have you seen those people working __ (work) on the road?


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