Comparative structures. Ответы

1. Fill in the gaps with the suitable comparative structure

1. Now I know a lot more English than 5 years ago.

2. Tanya is doing quite well. She's getting more and more confident.

3. Vasya is just as stubborn as his father.

4. These shoes aren't nearly as comfortable as I thought.

5. Valya is as beautiful as Kristina.

6. More and more people are using social nets nowadays.

7. This book is very different from what I heard about it.

8. It was pretty much the same as we did it last year.

9. Wow, that's been so cool. I haven't experienced anything similar to this ever before.

10. Please, run as fast as you can.

2. Fill in the sentences with as ... as.

1. You are as crazy as my sister.

2. We can run as fast as they can.

3. My mom is not as strict as your mum.

4. Your mobile phone is not as trendy as mine.

5. Ivan is as tall as Semyon.

6. Sveta is as beautiful as Tanya.

7. Brat 2 was not as interesting as Brat 1.

8. This tea does not taste as good as the one I bought yesterday.

9. I can do as many press-ups as you.

10. I do not earn as much money as you do.


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