BETT Business English Teacher Training

This study provides both an introduction to teaching Business English for teachers who are new to the field, as well as the possibility to deepen one's professional knowledge for those who are already involved in this area of teaching.

The program deals with a range of issues from needs analysis and course planning to learner assessment and further teacher development. It aims to address common teaching problems. The overall emphasis is practical and the major part of the course concentrates on classroom procedures. Samples of correspondence, test items, application forms, worksheets, course assessment forms and others are provided. Each module is accompanied with a video, bibliography, useful links, additional material.


The Business English Teacher Training (BETT) is a new and relatively intensive course. Its a 100-hour teacher development programme is designed to increase the competence and confidence of teachers working in the area of Business English training.

Within the constraints of this reasonably comprehensive course it is intended to be in the form of:

  • interactive learning
  • open discussions
  • materials try-out
  • assignments writing
  • tests taking

The course views at a variety of contexts for business English teaching. The content of the BETT course is practical in nature and includes teaching ideas and material one is able to use in classes. It also suggests developing one's own ideas and material he or she may use in classes. The course covers issues of needs analysis, course design and assessment. The study also looks at how such business skills as presenting, negotiating, telephoning, socialising as well as written communication skills and intercultural competence may be taught effectively. The course tutor will be working closely with students to give written or oral feedback on all the work one submits.

This 100-hour course is run over nine months giving one the flexibility to combine it with his or her working schedule and other commitments. 

One will have approximately 5 hours of work per week and will be required to adhere to monthly deadlines. 

Course objectives

The objectives throughout the course are as follows:

  • to further one's knowledge and expertise in teaching Business English;
  • to deepen understanding of how to approach Business English teaching;
  • to familiarise participants with a wide range of business English published and unpublished materials;
  • to strengthen the skills of conducting needs analyses, designing courses, and adapting business English materials;
  • to equip participants to teach in typical training settings: in-company and in class; in large, small classes and one to one;
  • to provide opportunity to learn from the wide range of experience in the group, to reflect and exchange of ideas among participants;
  • to provide one with ideas that he or she can try out with one's own course students;
  • to understand and meet the needs, purposes and preferences of one's students;
  • to select and use methods, techniques and approaches suitable for business English classes.

Course Content

Module 1 Introduction to Business English teaching;
Module 2 Needs Analysis and Course Planning;
Module 3 Business English study materials;
Module 4 Methods, approaches and techniques;
Module 5 Teaching business English speaking skills;
Module 6 Teaching business English writing skills;
Module 7 Intercultural dimensions in Business English teaching;
Module 8 Evaluation and assessment;
Module 9 Business English exam preparation;
Module 10 Business English teacher further development.


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