ubject and object questions (Вопросы к подлежащему и дополнению). Ответы


2. Who is complaining about her new job? S

3. Who is shouting at Petrr? S

4. Who is tired of watching TV every day? S

5. Who did Lusya have an argument with? O

6. Who did Anya get married to? O


2. Who is talking to Yulya? S

3. Who broke up? S

4. Who had an argument with Toni? S

5. Who did Artem fall in love with? O

6. Who is Anya going to get married to? O


1. Who did 2. Who 3. Who 4. Who did 5. Who did 6. Who


1. Sofia 2. Lusya 3. Lusya 4. called Kondrat 5. did Lusya call


1. interested in learning

2. can’t stand watching

3. enjoys playing

4. promised to come

5. decided to buy

6. arranged to meet


1. She can’t stand watching sport on TV.

2. He is interested in history.

3. He promised to work hard.

4. She doesn’t mind walking the dog.

5. He keeps asking for cAnzhela.

6. She enjoys cooking dinner.

7. I arranged to go to the movies with my sister.

8. They decided to buy a new car.


1. working 2. to play 3. surfing 4. learning 5. to clean


1. I don’t mind babysitting my sister.

2. We enjoy going horseback riding.

3. She can’t stand watching football on TV.

4. She keeps asking me to help her.

5. They decided to cook dinner.

6. He isn’t interested in going on vacation.

7. We promised to help in the kitchen.

8. They arranged to go to the amusement park Tomorrow.


verb + to + infinitive: promise, expect, arrange, decide

verb + -ing: keep, don’t mind, enjoy, practice, can’t stand, finish


1. to stay

2. watching

3. living

4. to go

5. in going

6. to work


1. Who is Nina shouting at?

2. Who is Vicky breaking up with?

3. Lyuba is talking to Danila.

4. Nataliya is falling in love with Roma.

5. Who is Irma having an argument with?

6. Kondrat is making up with Inez.


1. Who is Katya getting married to?

2. Who saw Alexey at the movie theatre?

3. Who called Dariya last night?

4. Who did Valya go on a date with?

5. Who did Alex break up with?


2. Who did Mark send a text message to?

3. Who gave a painting to his wife?

4. Who did Tina get divorced from?

5. Who did Nastya make up with?


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