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1. You said you would _didn't you?_

(a) would you? (b) did you? (c) had you? (d) didn't you?

2. She's definitely not coming _is she?_

(a) will she? (b) isn't she? (c) is she? (d) can she?

3. It drives you mad _doesn't it?_

(a) is it? (b) does it? (c) doesn't it? (d) won't it?

4. It won't hurt _will it?_

(a) does it? (b) will it? (c) can it? (d) did it?

5. I think you ought to go _don't you?_

(a) ought you? (b) do I? (c) don't you? (d) do you?

6. You must go _mustn't you?_

(a) mustn't you? (b) have you? (c) had you? (d) must I?

7. It happened yesterday _didn't it?_

(a) had it? (b) has it? (c) didn't it? (d) did it?

8. She's always late _isn't she?_

(a) is it? (b) isn't she? (c) isn't it? (d) was she?

9. They're selling their house _aren't they?_

(a) will they? (b) haven't they? (c) aren't they? (d) have they?

10. No-one understood that word _did they?_

(a) does he? (b) did you? (c) didn't they? (d) did they?


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