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1. Tanya: 'I want you to give me some more money.'
Roma: '_Oh you do, do you?_'

(a) Oh you want, do you?
(b) Oh you do, do you?
(c) Oh you'd like, would you?
(d) Oh you give, do you?

2. Tanya: 'You're being very rude!'
Roma: '_Oh I am, am I?_'

(a) Oh I have, have I?
(b) I am, you think?
(c) Oh I am, am I?
(d) Oh it is, is it?

3. Tanya: 'I've torn up your homework essay!'
Roma: '_That's nice, is it?_'

(a) That'll be nice, will it?
(b) That would be nice, wouldn't it?
(c) That's nice, is it?
(d) That's nice, isn't it?

4. Tanya: 'I can't take any more.'
Roma: '_Oh, you can't, can you?_'

(a) Oh you can, can you?
(b) Oh, you can't, can you?
(c) Oh you could, could you?
(d) Oh you could, could you?

5. Tanya: 'She hates the sight of him.'
Roma: '_She does, does she?_'

(a) She did, did she?
(b) She hates, does she?
(c) She does, does she?
(d) She doesn't hate, does she?

6. Tanya: 'I would prefer to go by air.'
Roma: '_Oh you would, would you?_'

(a) Oh you would, would you?
(b) Oh you prefer, don't you?
(c) Oh you did, did you?
(d) Oh, you wouldn't will you?

7. Tanya: 'I won't listen to you any more.'
Roma: '_So you won't, will you?_'

(a) So you will, will you?
(b) So you won't, will you?
(c) So you don't, do you?
(d) So you do, don't you?

8 Roma: 'I spent thousands on that car.'
Tanya: '_Oh you did, did you?_'
(a) Oh, you have, have you?
(b) Oh you do, do you?
(c) Oh you did, did you?
(d) Oh you do, don't you?

9. Tanya: 'You mustn't eat with your mouth full.'
Roma: '_Oh I mustn't, must I?_'

(a) Oh I must, must I?
(b) Oh I have to, have I?
(c) Oh I can't, can I?
(d) Oh I mustn't, must I?

10. Tanya: 'That's not allowed you know.'
Roma: '_Oh it isn't, is it?_'

(a) Oh you do, don't you?
(b) Oh it isn't, is it?
(c) Oh it is, isn't it?
(d) Oh it won't, will it?


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