Contrasting statement. Ответы

Provide the correct form of disagreement for each sentence

1. I like freshly brewed coffee. – Do you? I don't.

2. I can't drive this car. – Can't you? I can.

3. I am a good learner. – Are you? I am not.

4. I ate pizza sushi yesterday. – Did you? I didn't.

5. I have got a lot of friends in Facebook. – Have you? I haven't.

6. I didn't go to the cinema last week. – Didn't you? I did.

7. I don't like olives. – Don't you? I do.

8. I've forgotten to call her. – Have you? I haven't.

9. She hasn't spoken to Vasya yet. – Hasn't she? I have.

10. I will buy a car next month. - Will you? I won't.


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