Indirect questions. Ответы

Write the indirect questions with the given words

1. How do you do it? - Can you tell me how you do it?

2. Who built that enormous house? - I wonder who built that enormous house.

3. What's he like? - I want to find out what he is like.

4. When did he finish the project? - I can't remember when he finished the project.

5. Who did you meet at the conference? - I'd like to know who you met at the conference.

6. How long have you been waiting here? - I wonder how long you have been waiting here.

7. What happened to them? - Does anybody know what happened?

8. How important is it to you? - Can you tell me how important it is for you?

9. What's the name for it in English? - I don't know what the name is for it in English.

10. When will you come to us? - Can you tell me when you will come to us?


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