Mixed verb tenses. Ответы

1. Fill the gaps with the correct tenses.

1. I have been learning English for eight years now.

2. Last year I didn’t work hard on English grammar, that's why my marks haven’t been so good.

3. During my last summer holidays, my parents sent me on a language course to the English4real language school.

4. It was nice and I believe I learnt a lot then.

5. Before I had gone to that course, I didn’t enjoy learning English.

6. When I was doing the language course, I made some friends.

7. There I noticed how important it was to be able to build an argument and express yourself.

8. Now I have made much more progress in learning English than I had had before I started the course.

9. At the moment I am reviewing English grammar.

10. I have already started to revise the texts in my English textbooks again to check if I have studied the vocabulary well.

11. I think I will do one module every day.

12. My final test is on 25 December, so there isn’t much time left.

13. If I do my test well, I will buy myself a nice present.

14. Then, maybe I will go to visit my grandparents.

15. By 2050, I believe I will have written a book about my life and experience.

2. Put the verbs into the correct tenses.

1. Andrey is tired because he has been working__ (work) all day.

2. By 1960 most of Britain’s old colonies _had become_ (become) independent.

3. Denis broke his leg when he was skiing__ (ski) last week.

4. Did you have_ (you/have) a nice time in Odessa?

5. Have you finished__ (you/finish) your homework yet?

6. He _has been_ (be) at his computer for six hours.

7. How long has she had__ (she/have) that car?

8. How many people died__ (die) in the fire yesterday?

9. I _do not know_ (not/know) much about art, but I like some artists.

10. I _had been waiting_ (wait) for ages when finally the bus arrived.

11. I received__ (receive) a postcard from Yana yesterday.

12. I have been correcting_ (correct) all morning, I’m exhausted.

13. I _have never been_ (never/be) sailing, what’s it like?

14. It was late. Most of the shops were closed__ (close) .

15. It _was raining_ (rain) when I got up this morning.

16. Zhanna is starting_ (start) a new job in September.

17. Nastya is having__ (have) a great time in New York at the moment.

18. She was cooking dinner when we _arrived_ (arrive) .

19. She _has just come_ (just/come) back from a Mediterranean cruise.

20. My husband is__ (be) free for most of the afternoon.

21. The children were tired because they had been swimming __ (swim) in the pool all afternoon.

22. They are going__ (go) to spend six weeks in Poland.

23. We can use the car, I _have repaired_ (repair) it.

24. We were tired because we _had been_ (be) to a party the night before.

25. We were (be) too late for the train, it had just left.

26. When I got to the airport I realized I _had forgotten_ (forget) my passport.

27. As soon as they arrived__ (arrive) we had dinner.

28. When they were driving home last night they _saw_ (see) a terrible accident.

29. Where is Roman living__ (Roman/live) now?

30. Who is Maria talking__ (Maria/talk) to?


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