Reported speech (Передаваемая речь). Ответы


1. Katya said (that) she spent a lot of time on Facebook and Twitter.

2. Kolya told me (that) he was updating his profile.

3. Pasha said (that) he had always multitasked. He did his homework, checked Facebook and texted his friends at the same time.

4. Mark said (that) he hadn’t joined Facebook because he didn’t have time for things like that.

5. One expert told me (that) 76% of ten to twelve-year-olds said that they had a Facebook account.

6. My parents said (that) they would buy me a new tablet for my birthday.


1. didn’t have

2. did / were doing

3. didn’t know

4. visited / were visiting

5. weren’t looking

6. would monitor


1. Ivan told me he (that) was checking his friends’ posts on Facebook.

2. Marina said (that) she didn’t have a blog or a Facebook page.

3. Nadezhda said (that) she hadn’t done any online shopping yet, but she would probably do some in the future.

4. Tolya said (that) he had learned how to do several things at the same time – he went online, listened to music, checked his text messages all at the same time.

5. The pupils said (that) they hadn’t known anything about the dangers of the internet.

6. The parents told me (that) they would check what their children were doing online.


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