Conditional sentences (Условные предложения). Ответы


1. have to study hard if I want to be successful later in life.

2. must choose a name for your website that nobody else is using.

3. don’t have to pay a lot for advertising when you first start a trolleybus.


1. lived; wouldn’t have

2. would be; had

3. spoke; wouldn’t have to

4. wouldn’t get; didn’t study

5. decided; would have to

6. became; would make


1. my English was better.

2. I had my own company.

3. we understood what they are saying to us.

4. people visited my YouTube channel.

5. they learned (some) foreign languages at school.

6. I didn’t have to learn 50 new English words.


1. would have; lived

2. invented; would make

3. wouldn’t have to; spoke

4. won’t pass; watch

5. moved; would have to

6. was/were; would ask


1. I didn’t have a very strong Czech accent.

2. my YouTube channel was popular.

3. we didn’t learn four foreign languages at school.

4. people left comments under my videos.

5. they understood people in Scotland.

6. he didn’t have to study for her English exams.


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