Zero, First, Second, Third, & Mixed Conditionals

Материал для изучения
Название Пример Конструкция Время / Использование
0 Conditional / Present Real If it rains, the streets get wet. If I'm tired, I go to bed. Present + Present Present (always)
1st Conditional / Future Real If it rains tomorrow, I'll bring my umbrella. Present + Future Future (real possibility)
2nd Conditional / Future & Present Unreal If I won a million dollars, I would buy a boat. If I were the president, I would lower taxes. Past + would/could/might + base form Future (unlikely) Present unreal situations
3rd Conditional / Past Unreal If I had gone to the party yesterday, I would have met many people. Past Perfect + Perfect Modal Past unreal situations
Mixed Conditional If I had gone to the party, I would be tired now. Past Perfect + would/could/might + base form Past condition giving a present result

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