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Choose correct letter.

1 I only want __ little sugar in my coffee, please.

(a) a (b) the (c) such

2 In __ end we decided not to go to the theatre but to watch television.

(a) the (b) this (c) an

3 It is important sometimes to stop and look around you at all the wonderful things __.

(a) nature (b) in nature (c) in the nature

4 It is __ article that I have ever read.

(a) funniest (b) a funniest (c) the funniest

5 I want to go to the cinema to see a movie about __ and the French.

(a) France (b) a France (c) the France

6 Can anyone give me __ please because I have just fallen over?

(a) hand (b) a hand (c) the hand

7 The interesting thing about __ is all the roads that they built in Hungary.

(a) Romans (b) a Romans (c) the Romans

8 She always said that when she grew up she wanted to be __.

(a) doctor (b) a doctor (c) the doctor

9 I have left my book in __ and I would like you to get it for me.

(a) kitchen (b) a kitchen (c) the kitchen

10 Are you studying foreign languages at school, like __?

(a) French (b) a French (c) the French


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