Decide whether to use the definite article the or not

1. Last year we visited __ Ukraine.

2. __ mount Everest is the highest mountain on __ planet.

3. __ river Dniper is __ biggest river in the region.

4. __ most children dislike it.

5. __ summer of 2010 was hot and dry.

6. __ smog is a problem in __ most big cities.

7. Our children go to __ school by bus.

8. __ apples are good for people.

9. In our country __ milk is more expensive than __ beer.

10. We had a very nice meal in that restaurant. __ food was really good.

11. They got married two years ago but __ marriage wasn't successful.

12. I know someone who wrote a book about __ life of V. Lenin.

13. __ cycling is my favourite sport but I also like __ swimming.

14. Do you know __ family who lives next house?

15. Are you interested in __ photography or __ drawing?


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