Nouns with article the. Ответы

Put article 'the' where necessary

1. Athens is _the_ capital of Greece.

2. _-_ time is _-_ money.

3. I enjoy living in _the_ country. I like _the_ peace and quiet there.

4. I'm studying _-_ history at the moment. If only I could have lived in _the_ 16th Century.

5. How did we communicate before _the_ invention of _the_ fax machine?

6. _-_ Roma has never been in _the_ UK.

7. I arrived in _the_ USA last Tuesday.

8. They left _-_ Berlin, flew over _the_ Alps and made a short stop in _-_ London.

9. I live on _the_ Greenwitch Street.

10. They flew over _the_ Atlantic Ocean.


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