Nouns without article. Ответы

Fill in the gaps with an article or nothing

1. _-_ Russian is a difficult language to learn.

2. I like to play _-_ football.

3. I have _an_ idea! Let's go swimming.

4. I haven't borrowed _-_ money from anyone.

5. Let's go see _a_ film.

6. He has _-_ two sisters and _a_ brother.

7. The airport was full of _-_ tired passengers.

8. She works for _a_ well-known company.

9. He has _an_ unusual talent for keeping _-_ customers happy.

10. She loves _-_ chocolate, but I don't.

11. I want to get _a_ dog, but she hates _-_ dogs.

12. Is there _a_ problem?

13. We ate _-_ rice every day.

14. Unfortunately, I don't have _-_ money with me at the moment.


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