Article 'a'. Ответы

Write the correct forms of the indefinite articles a or an


1. There is _a_ red book on the table.

2. She's reading _an_ old comic story.

3. We've got _an_ idea.

4. She is drinking _a_ cup of coffee.

5. The man is _a_ pilot.

6. Odessa has _an_ airport.

7. This is _an_ expensive car.

8. Look! There's _a_ bird running.

9. My friend is _an_ honest person.

10. Jr. Moraes is _a_ good football player.


1. Tatyana is _a_ hardworking student.

2. Is he _a_ smart person?

3. A lian is _an_ animal.

4. Is that _a_ good book?

5. GM is _an_ American brand.

6. Is there _an_ eraser?

7. Segodnya is _a_ popular newspaper.

8. Alexander is _a_ fisherman.

9. It's _an_ honor for me to meet you.

10. Kirsten Dunst is _an_ actress.


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