Infinitives. Ответы would rather

Fill in the gaps with the correct form of the verbs in brackets

1. They would rather you allowed (allow) them to work there.

2. She would rather save (save) up than spend (spend) all her money on this bag.

3. I would rather watch (watch) the film now by myself than listen (listen) to your retelling.

4. She would rather make (make) her own mistakes in the test.

5. They would rather I cleaned (clean) the flat on my own, than help (help) me.

6. She would rather make (make) her own project than join (join) these 'losers' - she said.

7. Vasya would rather his teacher gave (give) him a his mobile phone back than tell (tell) his parents.

8. My mother would rather send (send) me to study maths than waste (waste) my time on philosophy.

9. The students would rather study (study) something interesting than get (get) into this 'would rather' topic.

10. The boss would rather lose (lose) what he earned over the last year than apologize (apologize) Vasya.


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