Fill in the gaps with the correct form of the verbs in brackets

1. Kirill told __ (I / do) the reports before Monday.

2. My colleague asked __ (I / send) an agreement to the client.

3. Vasya wanted __ (I / help) him prepare his presentation. I am not sure if can do anything without me.

4. They warned __ (he / not / drive) too quickly because he wasn't really good at it.

5. Please remind __ (I / call) Kristina tomorrow.

6. Please tell __ (she / not / smoke) here - it smell awful.

7. Sveta didn't feel very well, so we persuaded __ (she / come) to the party with us.

8. Nobody really wanted to go to the seminar but the boss forced __ (we / go). I hate it.

9. I asked __ (she / not / call) very late at night.

10. We taught __ (they / how / use) the new data base.


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