Make, Let and Allow. Ответы Exercises

Fill in the gaps with make, let or allow in the correct form

1. Why do they never _let_ us have any fun?

2. Actually, we won’t _be allowed_ to leave the country without the passports.

3. Just a reminder. This is an exam, guys. So, no one is _allowed_ to speak to anyone.

4. They _make_ us do exercises every morning. We have no choice. Mama, take me home.

5. I wish they would _let_ us do what we wanted.

6. My boss _makes_ me submit report every day. It's unbelievable.

7. They don't want to _let_ us come in to the party.

8. You _aren't allowed_ to smoke in here. Some other people don't like it.

9. Vera will _make_ you tidy the office. You'll see.

10. Vasya himself _allowed_ me to take his laptop and play the game.


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