Difference in meaning. Ответы of the verbs with infinitives and gerunds

Put the verbs into the gerund or infinitive form

1. I couldn't fall asleep so I tried _reading_ (read) a book. But it still didn't help.

2. Vasya tried _to get_ (get) a job in this law firm but they decided not to hire him.

3. We tried _to get_ (get) to the meeting on time but the train was delayed.

4. Valentin stopped _driving_ (drive) because he was tired.

5. You should stop _biting_ (bite) your nails, it's not nice.

6. We will stop _to have_ (have) lunch at 1 o'clock.

7. Oh, my word! I forgot _to buy_ (buy) ice-cream.

8. I forgot _locking_ (lock) the gate, but I'm pretty sure I must have locked it.

9. Please, remember _to bring_ (bring) your research paper.

10. I remember _going_ (go) to visit my grandmother when I was a child.


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