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It goes without saying that the ability to communicate in English and effectively interact with others today is one of the most integral and indispensable prerequisites of achieving success in both studying abroad and doing business with foreign partners.

If you are eager to improve your level of English language and believe you need the help of a teacher, then I would like to welcome you to read more about the English language study services on this website.


Any program of the Business English studies is characterized by the use of individual approach to the learner. Each student is working with the same teacher throughout the whole learning process, starting from a placement test and finishing with a final examination. Thus, to match the needs of a learner, Business English course material is chosen depending on the purposes, level of the language, age, professional experience, and expectations of the learner.


Based on the results of the placement test and interview, the teacher and the potential student are to agree upon the learning material, the main methodology and principles of the educational process.

The methodology includes a whole range of different methods and techniques, directed to guaranteeing the effectiveness of the educational program. The combined approach to foreign language studies provides the learner with the necessary skills for his/her successful use of Business English, ability to: think and speak; comprehend speech audibly; understand grammatical structure; read and write; to have a rich vocabulary and good pronunciation.

After the successful completion of the course, the student is awarded a certificate.


The materials for the study of Business English vary and are a subject to individual purposes of a student. However, in whatever material is used the teacher follows clear systematic methodology and takes into account the real capacity and ability of a learner to grasp the knowledge of a foreign language. More than that he applies the successive approach “from simple to complex” topics and grammar structures and, in so doing, develops the students’ skills in all four areas of language usage: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Учебники делового английского языка

Overall, there are several important aspects to materials to be considered effective. Firstly, it is the hierarchy and sequence of the material. There are no unreasonable “jumps” from easier to more difficult information and vice versa. Certain succession should be obvious in all stages. Secondly, the inner sections are joined together in a manner, which allows one to see a logical transition from one stage to another. Thirdly, the time suggested to study one unit accords its volume and complexity. Finally, the courses applies the, so called, “frequency principle“, i.e. material that is used in language most often (both lexical and grammatical) comes first.


Maksym Achkasov is a teacher of Business English. He runs face-to-face and online courses to both individual and corporate clients. He obtained two degrees (B.A., M.A.) from the University of Manchester. Business English teacher, Maksym Achkasov Besides that he earned the Certificate of Educational Studies in the Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages (Great Britain), and completed the course of International Business English Training (Cert IBET). He successfully passed three modules of Teacher Knowledge Test and Business English Certificate: Higher (Cambridge ESOL Examinations), and is the author of various video online courses (e.g. English Grammar, Effective Presentations and Negotiating in English and other).

INTESOL Certificate BEC Higher TKT Cert IBET MA

His interests lie in the development of blended learning programs, setting and adjusting Learning Management Systems (Schoology, Edmodo, etc.), improving school managerial processes, and enhancing online testing / assessment procedures, and building arguments in both verbal and written communication.