Reported speech. Ответы tell and say

Fill in the gaps with tell or say (past form)

1. Irina _said_ that she would join us after lunch.

2. Sveta _told_ me that she was going shopping that evening.

3. Valera _told_ us that he couldn't come to the meating.

4. John _said_ that he had been to Berdichev at the weekend.

5. She _said_ to them she wanted to leave the company.

6. They _told_ that they didn't want to go for Shashlyk.

7. He _said_ he wouldn't start without us, but he did.

8. I _told_ him I wasn't very much happy about that.

9. Katya _told_ Alya that she was leaving on Wednesday.

10. Anton _said_ to his mother he would be in Spain that week.


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