Reported speech. Ответы Change of pronoun, place, time

Replace the time and place references with the appropriate expressions in reported speech

1. here - there

2. today - that day

3. that - that

4. yesterday - day before

5. tomorrow - next day

6. this - that

7. a week ago - a week before

8. last weekend - previous weekend

9. those - those

10. next week - following week

11. there - there

12. these days - those days

13. last week - week before

14. now - then

15. these - those

16. this morning - that morning

Fill in the gaps with appropriate words in reported speech


Valera, "I work in this office."

Valera told me (that) _he_ worked in _that_ office.


Zina and Liuba, "We play basketball."

Zina and Liuba told me (that) _they_ played basketball.


Victoria, "I like my dog."

Victoria told me (that) _she_ liked _her_ dog.


Kirill, "Can you see me?"

Kirill asked me if _I_ could see _him_.


Nikita, "I will need to borrow your pen."

Nikita told me (that) _he_ would need to borrow _my_ pen.


Misha, "My father is a businessman."

Misha told me (that) _his_ father is a businessman.


Pasha and Dasha, "Can we use your car?"

Pasha and Dasha asked me if _they_ could use _my_ car.


Olya, "How is your trip?"

Olya asked me how _my_ trip was.


Nina and Fedya, "We love our plants."

Nina and Fedya told me (that) _they_ loved _their_ plants.


Grandfather, "Please bring me a cup of my coffee."

Grandfather told me to bring _him_ a cup of _his_ coffee.


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