Countable or uncountable. Ответы Упражнения по грамматике

Are these nouns countable or uncountable?

1. water __uncountable__

2. fruit __uncountable__

3. coconut __countable__

4. bread __uncountable__

5. DVD __countable__

6. meat __uncountable__

7. ball __countable__

8. snack __countable__

9. glasses __countable__

10. pen __countable__

11. milk __uncountable__

12. chair __countable__

13. gasoline __uncountable__

14. table __countable__

15. cream __uncountable__

16. money __uncountable__

17. oil __uncountable__

18. insect _countable___

19. sofa __countable__

20. yogurt __uncountable__

21. school __countable__

22. bus __countable__

23. food __uncountable__

24. chocolate __uncountable__

25. ship __countable__

Complete the sentences 'a / an´, `some´ and `any´


1. Lisa's got a towel.

2. Ana's got a rucksack.

3. Lucia's got an insect repellent.

4. Javi hasn't got any sunglasses.

5. Antonio's got a swimming costume.

6. Ignacio hasn't got any sandwiches.

7. Angeles has got an apple.

8. There aren't any cafés in the city.

9. I haven't got any money.

10. Have you got any sun cream?

11. We've got some sandwiches.

12. We need a torch for our camping trip.

13. There isn't any litter on the beach.

14. I'm going to buy an ice cream.

15. Can I have some strawberries?

16. You can have this cereal with some milk.

17. I've got some fruit.

18. There isn't an elephant.

19. There aren't any sharks.

20. Are there any plants?

21. Is there a tree?

22. Is there any cheese in the fridge?

23. There is some water in the fridge?

24. The supermarket's got some strawberries.

25. I've got some soup in the fridge.


1. There isn't __any__ electricity at the campsite.

2. There aren't __any__ sunglasses in the shop.

3. I've got __an__ apple in my bag.

4. There are __some__ sandwiches.

5. I'll buy __a__ bottle of water at the beach.

6. I haven't got __any__ radios in my room.

7. Is there __an__ internet café in your town?

8. There aren't __any__ computers in my classroom.

9. Have you got __any__ brothers and sisters?

10. My teacher's got __a__ new car.

11. There's __some__ water in the bottle.

12. I'm going to buy __some__ chips.

13. There is __a__ camera.

14. She's got ___a_ pear.

15. You can have __some__ potatoes.

16. Have you got __any__ lemons?

17. I've got ___some_ cherries.

18. We need __some__ water.

19. We've got __some__ bread.

20. We don't need __any__ strawberries.

21. Have we got __any__ cheese?

22. Have you got __an__ apple?

23. We need __a__ banana.

24. I've got __some__ orange juice.

25. They haven't got __any__ hamburgers.


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