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Пример ответа на вопрос: “How to fill a key vacancy” из второго раздела разговорной части экзамена BEC Higher. Представлено Катериной Р., как часть практического задания в программе подготовки к сдаче BEC теста.

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In order to fill a key vacancy, a company will usually follow the same standard procedure. It will begin by producing an accurate job description of what it would like the successful candidate to do. From this, it can then produce a profile of this ideal candidate, which is a list of skills, experience, attributes and so on.

Having produced this profile, the company must then decide on the best recruitment method to capture a candidate with this profile. This might be an internal advertisement or an external advertisement in a newspaper, or on the Internet say, even an agency or perhaps a headhunter.

Having decided on the best recruitment method, the advertisements are then placed or the headhunter contacted and a list of candidates will be then drawn up to be put through the company’s recruitment processes.

This might be interviews, psychometric tests or even a hand-writing analysis. This will then produce the ideal candidate for the company.
The company will then have to negotiate terms with the candidate and, hopefully, this will result in terms which are both affordable for the company and attractive enough to get the candidate they want.  

I. Wood, L. Pile, PASS Cambridge: BEC Higher, Summertown Publishing, 2001, p. 134.

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