Короткая презентация The importance of having a good CV

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Well, in my opinion, you can never under-estimate the importance of having a good CV.

In the majority of cases, your CV is the employer’s first impression of you, your first chance to impress you potential employer, let’s say. It is the essential illustration of your suitability for the job, showing how your skills and experience match your employer’s requirements.

But more than that, it shows your ability to summarize, prioritise and present information effectively, essential skills in today’s job market. It also shows your linguistic and communicative abilities.

Even though employers these days use a variety of selection techniques, such as analyzing your handwriting, a good CV is still the single most important part of any application.

Источник: I. Wood, L. Pile, PASS Cambridge: BEC Higher, Summertown Publishing, 2001, p. 135.