It is the job of governments and companies to deal with the huge environmental problems

It is the job of governments and companies to deal with the huge environmental problems which we face. Individuals on their own can do little or nothing’. What is your opinion about this statement?

It cannot be disputed that the world is experiencing an environmental crisis. According to recent research, if nothing is done to tackle climate change in the near future, our planet will face the devastating consequences of global warming. Undoubtedly, it is the role of governments and corporate organisations to take action, however I strongly feel that individuals need to make a contribution to deal with this pressing problem as well.

Politicians could certainly invest public finances in order to research the issues connected with climate change and, furthermore, could pass laws in relation to industrial pollution, which is making a major contribution to the greenhouse effect. Nevertheless, it requires constant pressure from citizens, either alone or in environmental pressure groups, on our leaders to make this happen. The general public can protest, lobby their politicians or vote for a political party who proposes introducing green policies if elected.

Similarly, corporate businesses should be adopting more sustainable working practices, for instance, by switching to more environmentally-friendly ways of manufacturing using renewable energy such as solar panels. Likewise, the individual as consumer can play a role here too, by refusing to purchase products which have been manufactured in a way that damages the environment.

It must also be acknowledged that individuals have a moral responsibility to care for our planet. For example, reducing consumption of fossil fuels whenever possible, becoming self-sufficient by growing their own vegetables and switching off lights when they are not needed. Although some of these actions may seem minor, the cumulative effect of everyone taking such actions would be enormous.

It is probably certainly the case that governments and international companies are the key players with responsibility for protecting our planet. Nonetheless, I am still convinced that ordinary people, either individually or cooperatively, can help to make the changes necessary to have a significant impact on our future.