Should humans adapt to technology or should technology be adapted to us?

Should humans adapt to technology or should technology be adapted to us? Is technology making us intellectually weaker or more intelligent?

Whether the development of modern technology should be permitted to advance unhindered, or improved only with specific regard to human need, is a contentious issue. Since learning to use new technologies strengthens intellect, I believe that new devices should be developed without limits in order to challenge people.

The achievements of humanity over the last century have only been made possible by the development of modern technology. Driven by the need to discover, people have created countless innovations in fields such as electronics, medicine and engineering which have improved the lives of billions.

Additionally, many key discoveries throughout history were made while investigating something else entirely, such as with penicillin or the microwave oven. Establishing controls over what may or may not be investigated could therefore severely limit new discoveries.

This style of innovation also provides intellectual benefits for both the inventor and the consumer, since both must work hard in order to either create or use the new device. A constant flow of new discoveries maintains mental stimulation amongst those who choose to make use of them.

The computer, for example, has enabled humans to achieve remarkable things, but only after we adapted our behaviour and learned to use it fully. Also, those people who have maintained a good degree of computer literacy are now able to seek the best professional opportunities, which is further known to be intellectually beneficial.

In conclusion, I believe that technology should be allowed to develop freely and that humans should adapt their behaviour to emerging discoveries. This will keep us intellectually strong and ensure that the maximum good can come from scientific endeavour.

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