Some people think that schools have to be more entertaining, while others think that their sole purpose is to educate

Some people think that schools have to be more entertaining, while others think that their sole purpose is to educate. Which do you agree with? Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

Educational reform is a contentious issue with various trends coming and going over the last few decades. While many people believe that schools should focus on more enjoyable activities in order to maintain student engagement, I strongly advocate to maintain a traditional approach so as to maintain order. This essay will review both sides and use examples from a survey performed in the UK and an academic report from a prominent university.

Learners who are required to absorb information via conventional academic methods often experience problems with focus and attention. More specifically, repeatedly performing the same memory-based task throughout one’s school career is likely to cause boredom and ultimately result in student disengagement.

In several schools in the UK, to take an example, it has been shown via survey that a considerable number of young people fail to remember crucial information simply because it was uninteresting. Adhering strictly to rote learning is therefore harmful to those students who require further assistance to remember key details.

Although there is a case for more entertainment in schools, and even interactive media, the appearance of such possible distractions in the classroom, cannot be overstated. This is largely because of two reasons, firstly teachers would have to be re-trained to use such media and this could lead to considerably increasing education expenses.

Secondly, for a more fun class to happen the teacher has to be firmly in control of the classroom or disobedience and unruly behaviour could ensue. This was proven in a recent study by Oxford University that showed that over 91% of teachers who implemented an entertainment oriented curriculum stated that they quickly lost control of the students. Thus it is possible to state beyond doubt that more entertainment in the classroom will not only increase costs but even augment poor behaviour.

To conclude, from the arguments and examples given I firmly believe that although more entertaining education can lead to fully inclusive classes, the risk for a teacher losing control of the class is too high a price to pay. Discipline must be maintained or zero education will happen. It is predicted that traditional teaching methods that incorporate total classroom control will continue to grow in importance.

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