Some people think women should be given equal chances to work and excel in their careers

Some people think women should be given equal chances to work and excel in their careers. Others believe that a woman's role should be limited to taking care of the house and children. Which opinion do you agree with and why? Include specific details and examples to support your choice

The question of women’s rights has always sparked heated controversy. While some traditionalists claim that women should focus on the upkeep of their homes and children, more liberal minded people have claimed that women should have the same rights as men. In this essay, I shall refer to sociological studies that vindicate the correctness of the liberal view.

To begin with, it is false to believe that a woman cannot have a job and raise her children effectively. This is because part-time and online work obviously gives women the time and space to care for their children. For example, the Organisation for Child Care found that mothers who did part time or online work spent as much time with their children (after school hours) as housewives. Therefore, it is incoherent to claim – as traditionalists do – that having a career compromises a mother’s ability to care for her children.

Secondly, mothers who work also gain the means to invest more in their children’s education and personal development. This is because an additional source of revenue enables parents to send their children to private schools and extra-mural classes. For example, a Harvard study found that parents were 50% more likely to invest in these goods if both parents had separate sources of financial income. It is therefore clear that being a working mother can facilitate, rather than impede, good parenting.

In conclusion, there is strong evidence that women can have jobs and be good mothers. Seen in this light, it is clear that the traditionalist view is largely baseless, and that it will continue to decline in popularity.

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