IELTS General Reading Test 88

Section 1
Read the text below and answer questions 1-7.

The Beaver Valley Hotel – Activities for Residents

In our location in the Beaver Valley we are lucky to have so many possibilities for things to do. Here is a taster of some of our favorites.

For those of you interested in horse riding, we are in partnership with a local riding club. Just 10 minutes drive away from the hotel, John will give you a wonderful time with his fantastic team of homes. They offer various things. You can get lessons for yourself and/or your child, or you can take a guided trek into the local forests and hills. You’ll be taken for up to four hours around the local area to see the wonderful countryside and hopefully lots of the local animals. There are various sights to take in, such as castles, and John’s guides know the area well and exactly where to go. If you enjoy it, the riding centre has various routes to offer, so, if you are not too stiff, you can do a different trek later in the week. They’re very reasonably priced, so ask us at reception to give John a call to making booking.

As we are next to the Beaver Run, we decided to buy a range of one-person and two-people kayaks. We’ll take you to a good starting point on the river and give you a map, so you know where you’re going. For safety, there are life vests provided and we’ll give you some hints on kayaking. Then other two, four or in hours, we’ll pick you up at pre-arranged point. The river never flows that fast and is not deep, so this is a safe outing for all the family. This activity is free of charge for residents of hotel, so come to reception again to make a booking. If horses and water are not your thing, there are lots of hiking trails, which range from easy to demanding. We have plenty of maps of the trails and advice on places to pause for refreshments. Hikes vary from a one-hour stroll to all-day walks that will tire you out and sharpen your appetite for dinner.

About seven miles from the hotel, you may have seen a modestly-sized conical hill. It’s a local secret that this hill is actually in extinct volcano from millions of years ago. It’s been eroding all that time, so it’s not that difficult a climb and there we well-tended paths with benches on which to take a break. In addition, there are lots of information boards scattered around, so that you can learn about the formation of the volcano and its history. When you reach the top, there is a magnificent view and, on a clear day, you can even see the distant mountain range. Buses leave from outside the hotel every hour, on the hour, and return with the same frequency.

Every Sunday, the local market town holds a flea market. It begins at 7 am, so get up and get there early to see if you can pick up a bargain. The market square also has lots of cafes and restaurants, so if you’ve done enough browsing, you can make yourself comfortable and sip a tea, coffee a cold drink.

As you can see, lots of our activities are outside, so make sure you inform yourself regarding the weather forecast to avoid getting too wet (if that bothers you).

Questions 1-7
Complete the notes below with NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS from the passage.

The Beaver Valley Hotel – Activities for Residents

Horse riding:
• 10 minutes away
• (1)……………….available for adults and children
• Tours available with experienced (2)………………
• Different treks available
• Not too expensive
• Booking at reception

• Hotel owned kayaks for 1 or more people
• Maps (3)………………….and advice supplied by hotel
• 3 possible length kayak trips available
• Set down and pick up supplied
• Free for residents
• Booking at reception

• Variety of difficulty
• Maps and advice provided on stops for (4)……………
• Range from short to whole day

The Local Volcano:
• 7 miles away
• Cone-shaped hill is extinct volcano
• Moderate climb with (5)……………….for rests
• (6)…………………provide formation and history details
• Great view – even the distant mountain can be spotted sometimes
• Return travel by bus is very easy

Flea market:
• 7 am start
• Pick up a bargain
• Plenty of cafes and restaurants

Check the (7)………………before you go on any outing.

Show answers

1. Lessons
2. Guides
3. Life vests
4. Refreshments
5. Benches
6. (information) boards
7. (weather) forecast/ weather
8. v
9. viii
10. iii
11. vi
12. ii
13. ix
14. iv
15. contract
16. probation (period)
17. (a) notice
18. (self-evaluation) statement
19. Informal
20. Rating
21. (company) handbook
22. Boundaries
23. Impractical
24. Dynamic
25. Discriminatory
26. (privacy) settings
27. (work-life) balance
28. TC
29. TC
30. JH
31. PC
32. JG
33. JH
34. JB
35. JH
36. False
37. True
38. False
39. NG
40. B

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