Рассказы Acute sight

26.03.2009 | Intermediate | Victoria Yanishevska

Once upon a time there lived a girl in a little village who was very intelligent and pretty. However she had a very strange completion and she didn’t look as anybody else. She had short dark hair, black eyes and straight nose. She had never dreamt about a beautiful prince on the white horse. Although she wanted to meet her love but she knew that he would be completely different from the other men. Also I want to tell you why she was so strange. Everyone thought that she was a witch because her eyes were deep and acute. If she looked into your eyes she would read your mind and wishes. So she looked for a man who would have a clean soul and good desires.

On her 17th birthday her father presented her a beautiful white balloon. She was playing with it in the meadow of the dark and very old forest. Suddenly, it started to rain and her balloon was taken away by the strapping wind. She went home being dramatically upset and she sat near the window for a week and expected her balloon wholeheartedly. All of a sudden she saw it and understood that it was calling her to go after it. She ran for a couple of hours vigorously. Suddenly balloon stopped near a clean picturesque lake. As soon as she looked at it she remained there forever.

She stood there since there wasn’t any pure soul that she could look into …

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