The Horror Story By Maria Milienko

14.09.2020 | By Maria Milienko
The Horror Story By Maria Milienko

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This story started many years ago…

Once upon a time one happy couple lived in a beautiful castle. It was the famous brave knight Harold with his beautiful wife Elisa and a nice baby. Their life was so ideal that there were a lot of people who wanted to destroy it. And evil came… One day there was an annual tournament. Harold won it and Elisa as the queen of the tournament laid a diadem on his head. The cruel Kind Jon saw how elegant [eləɡənt] and beautiful she was and fell in love with Elisa. But it was not a real love, it was more of an obsession. After Elisa had refused the Kind, he decided to kill Harold and Harold’s son. The murder was made and Elisa was accused [əˈkuzd] of this crime. She was walled up in one of the towers of the castle where they had led their happy lives. And Eliza went down in history as the «evil Eliza».

For many years this castle remained empty and deserted [dəˈzərtəd].

Two years ago one famous and rich designer Tomas decided to buy and rebuild this castle. Tomas had a son named Albert. Tomas liked the son, but he never had time for him and spent all days working. Albert was growing by himself. He was a sad short-spoken boy. But everything changed when they started living in the renewed [rəˈn(y)ud] castle. Some terrible things started to happen at that time: light switched on and off, doors opened and closed …Tomas was really afraid of this noise, but his son was happy. Albert often laughed and spoke with someone in the night. He said that now he had a friend called Ramon. Ramon played with him, told a story about the knight and kings. Tomas decided that his son was going crazy and tried everything to help him, but nothing did. One day Ramon told a horrible story about his parents’ life. He said, «Help me please find one document and my parents’ souls can go with peace». Albert told this story to his father and Tomas believed him. They started to look for this document together.

Day after day was passing by … but nothing was found. One day after one wall of the castle had fallen, the father and son saw a box with some paper. The language of this document was not understandable. So they took this paper and went to the Institute of history of England. It was the Kings Jon’s order to kill Harold and his son.

Elisa was acquitted and she and her husband's souls could go with peace.

After this story Tomas and Albert became a real family and spent a lot of time together.