Рассказы A Story I Heard of

31.05.08 | Intermediate | Andrey Koval

This story I heard a few years ago from a stranger in small café. It was a small not young man, in big brown hat. The host of the café told me not to listen him, but I was alone and have some time, therefore when stranger told to me I didn’t stopped him.

He told me that he had lived in small village near there. He had family it was wife and two young daughter. One time he left his house and went for a job. He went back at night. It was a dark night. He was sleepy. Suddenly his car bumped into something. He stopped, went out from his car, looked around. But he didn’t find anything. And he went on. But when he come back home, he didn’t find there his family. He had started searching them. But nobody was there. It was a complete darkness in the house. He went upstairs and saw lighting behind the door. He opened the door and saw lighting firework of a woman to young girls. But it wasn’t his family. He was frightened, but he wanted to know what had happened with his own family and he asked ghost of a woman what had happened. She answered him that when he came back home he killed her and her daughter on the road and they came and replaced his own family. And they would live in this house forever. Man ran away from the house. But later, he came back many times, but he never saw his family or ghosts.

I didn’t believe this man that time. I only paid for my coffee and went away.

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